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Which DVC Resorts Have Been Recently Refurbished?

July 7, 2023

With DVC, villas get a soft goods refurbishment about every 7 years and a full refurbishment about every 14 years.  If you are aiming to stay at the DVC resorts with the newest rooms, which resort should you book?  Here’s a look at the more recent refurbishments as well as the ones on the horizon.  

2019: Old Key West

Refurbished One Bedroom Villa at Old Key West (Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog)

In 2019, Old Key West underwent a full refurbishment that included new flooring, furniture, appliances, and decor with neutrals accented with turquoise and coral.  This refurbishment did not include Murphy beds, so the villas here still have sofa beds in the One Bedroom Villas and larger villas.  

2021: Aulani and Saratoga Springs

Refurbished One Bedroom Villa at Saratoga Springs (Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog)

In 2021, Aulani had a renovation that included refreshed upholstery and new appliances, including new smart TVs that enable streaming.  Like Old Key West, Aulani retained its sofa beds.  

That same year, Saratoga Springs completed its full refurbishment, which brought a lighter color palette, laminate floors, and new furniture and appliances.  This was the first of the DVC resorts to receive the Murphy beds.  

2022: Grand Floridian and Polynesian

Refurbished Deluxe Studio at the Grand Floridian

When the hotel rooms at the Polynesian received their “Moana”-themed refresh, the villas also received a soft goods refurbishment.  The new upholstery also included the addition of the Murphy beds to replace the old sofa beds.

Similarly, as DVC added the Resort Studios to the Big Pine Key building at the Grand Floridian, the villas in the original DVC building at the Grand Floridian received a soft goods refurbishment.  The changes were subtle but included new carpeting, upholstery, and Murphy beds in place of the sofa beds.  

Completed in 2023: Boulder Ridge

Highlights of refurbished One Bedroom Villa at Boulder Ridge (Photo Credit: Disney Files Magazine)

Earlier this year, Boulder Ridge completed a long-awaited full refurbishment.  This renovation added laminate flooring and new appliances and furniture like the Murphy bed.  The rooms now have bolder colors and more artwork featuring Mickey and friends with nods to the national parks.  Note that the One Bedroom Villas still only sleep up to four guests, and the Two Bedroom Villas sleep up to eight guests; no twin-size pull down bed has been added in the living room.  

In Progress in 2023: Beach Club

Refurbished Deluxe Studio at the Beach Club Villas (Photo Credit: DVC Fan)

With this latest refurbishment, the Beach Club Villas is getting new carpeting, upholstery, and Murphy beds that feature artwork with Donald Duck and his nephews.  As with Boulder Ridge, the refurbishments did not change any of the room capacities, so a One Bedroom Villa still sleeps up to four guests, and a Two Bedroom Villa still sleeps up to eight guests.  With renovations still in progress, only the villas on the fourth and fifth floors have been completed as of summer 2023.  

Later in 2023: BoardWalk Villas, Vero Beach, Hilton Head

One Bedroom Villa at the BoardWalk Villas

The BoardWalk Villas is set to begin a full refurbishment in the fall.  Hilton Head is also going to have a full refurbishment this year while Vero Beach will have a soft goods refurbishment.  DVC has shared few details about either of these renovations, but the renovation of the BoardWalk Villas will likely reflect some of the more modern style incorporated into the redesigned common spaces like the Belle Vue Lounge and Carousel Coffee.   

2024: Bay Lake Tower

Deluxe Studio at Bay Lake Tower

Bay Lake Tower opened in 2009 and will have its first full refurbishment next year, according to the timeline shared at the DVC Condo Association Meeting in 2022.  It will be exciting to see the refreshed designs for these rooms, but guests can expect updates on everything from the flooring and upholstery to the furniture and appliances.   

What’s to Come?

Deluxe Studio at Copper Creek (Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog)

The list above leaves out Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Grand Californian, Copper Creek, and Riviera.  While Riviera opened in 2019 and is too new for a refurbishment, Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Grand Californian are probably next in line for a full refurbishment, and Copper Creek will be due for its first soft goods refurbishment soon though Disney has not announced any dates. 

Book a room at one of the recently refurbished resorts!  Check out the great confirmed reservations available.  You can find reservations priced as low as $15 per point! 

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