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Rent Your Points
Rent Your Points
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Why Rent With Us?

Why Choose the DVC Rental Store?

We bring you more value than any other DVC point rental company

Members who use the DVC Rental Store currently receive up to $20.00 per rented point, depending on resort and booking window.

We do the tough stuff so you don’t have to

Count on us to check availability, handle communications with the renting Guest and take care of all of the paperwork.

Ultimate Flexibility

We offer two different routes to use your points that can accommodate your lifestyle and availability.

Partnerships and Opportunities to Swap Points

You can use us to swap your DVC points for things like cruises, adventures, and more!

We’ll match your DVC points ASAP

Most of our renting Members secure a renter within a month, and many even exhaust their points within a week! With multiple routes of using your points, we can rent them fast!

We take the risk out of renting your DVC points

All of our rentals are secured using binding agreements and holding accounts. Your full payment is guaranteed as long as you abide by the Rental and Intermediary agreements and the guest makes their initial payment with us.

We offer more ways to receive your rental payment

We have multiple disbursement options to choose from including PayPal, company check and ACH bank transfer.

“Extremely easy process with clear, concise directions made it super easy to use. A great way to monetize your points.”
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