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Rent Your Points
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Why Book With Us?

Why Choose the DVC Rental Store?

Stress-Free Cancellation Policy

All reservations include our Stress-Free Cancellation Policy to give you added peace of mind should unforeseeable circumstances interfere with your vacation plans.

Low up-front payments

Unlike other DVC rental services, we only require a 25% upfront payment and don’t require you to pay for your accommodations in full when you receive your reservation number.

Unbeatable value

Renting DVC points costs up to 65% less than booking a vacation directly with Disney. Guests who rent with us also enjoy free parking at all Disney Vacation Club resorts.

Planning made easy

Our easy-to-use online availability and pricing tool is one-of-a-kind and allows you to see what’s available to rent. Additionally, we offer Confirmed Reservations that are already pre-booked, which offer substantial savings off retail rates.

Exceptional customer service

Want to make changes to your reservation? Need additional details about your villa? Our friendly, knowledgeable travel advisors are here to help.

Customize your vacation

We can help you arrange optional add-ons like Walt Disney World Tickets, Kingdom Stroller Rentals , and more.

Comparing which DVC Rental Company is the BEST

“I was shocked at how easy the process was to rent the DVC points! It was a dream trip and our room was fabulous. Highly recommended and will be using again for future stays!”
Robin T., Ponce De Leon, Florida
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