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Rent Your DVC Points

Turn Your DVC Points into Cash

As a Disney Vacation Club Member, you may occasionally find yourself with more points than you can use. Maybe you have extra obligations this year, or perhaps your lifestyle has changed and you simply don’t need as many points as you used to. No matter your reason, renting your unused DVC points to other Guests is an excellent way to ensure that you’ll still get value out of every point you’ve purchased.

Here at the DVC Rental Store, our goal is to help you get the maximum return on your points, with minimum hassle. We pay more than any other rental service – up to $16 per point – and can match you with a reliable renter as quickly as possible.

Reservation TierResortPayout
Gold 7-11AK, AUL, BC, BLT, BR, BW, CC, VGF, Poly, Riviera, VGC$16.00 per point
Silver 7-11SS, OKW, HH, VB$14.50 per point
Bronze 0-7All Resorts$14.50 per point

Initial payment of 75% of total payout is made at booking. The final 25% is made at check-in.

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