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Thank you so much for visiting The DVC Rental Store. You may view some of our testimonials and reviews below. Also, be sure to visit the DVC Rental Store Facebook page to view our most current testimonials and reviews. Be sure to LIKE us while you’re there!

Beverly G.

Quick & easy rental process, I don’t know how it could be easier!

Judith M.

Smooth transactions and quick payment – everything I’d want in a rental company!

Brantley M.

Everything went well. Things moved smooth! Staff was very helpful and friendly.

Russell C.

Very straightforward and simple process. Great to know our points won’t go to waste.

Lacey B.

We use the DVC Rental Store every year. You have perfected the process – no complaints at all!

Roman P.

Extremely easy process with clear, concise directions made it super easy to use. A great way to monetize your points.

Terri N.

Incredibly easy process and appreciate the quick responses and follow-ups. Would highly recommend it to DVC Members!

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