Why Choose the DVC Rental Store?

What makes the DVC Rental Store the best place to book Disney World vacations?

Save Money Booking Disney Vacations

By booking with the DVC Rental Store, you will save up to 65% over booking directly with Disney.

We also offer special discounted DVC points and confirmed reservations for last minute travel.

Easiest Process

Unlike other DVC brokeres, we don't require a deposit to check availability. Use our availability tool to start the process of booking your dream Disney vacation.

We offer flexible payments and an optional point protection plan that allows you to cancel for any reason.

Top-of-the-Line Support

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and have been named an 'ethics-minded' business.

We also run a Disney Vacation Club Facebook group that allows you to interact with thousands of DVC members and guests, along with our team members, to get answers to your questions.

What our Customers Say

Don't just take our word for it, see why our customers love using us as their exclusive DVC rental provider.
dvc rental testimonial

Jenny K.

Bellbrook, OH

"I have lost count of how many times I have used DVC Rental Store! You guys are the best! Lindsay responded quickly to any requests or questions that I had. This year we decided on a split stay and it was wonderful! The process is very smooth and we have never had any issues with our reservations. For a large family like ours, villas are a must and DVC Rental Store is the best company to work with!"

dvc rental testimonial

Nicole P.

Livermore, CA

"We have used DVC Rental Store on many occasions. Staying at the Aulani, Grand Californian and the Boardwalk Villas. This most recent stay at the Bay Lake Towers was just as magical as the rest. The process is very smooth and every step is explained along the way. The advisors are always very helpful and answer all questions quickly. Highly recommend DVC Rental Store for anyone looking to stay at a Villa property at such great rates!"

dvc rental testimonial

Lindsay T.

High Point, NC

"This was such an easy process and Jane was super helpful with all of my questions. Getting everything coordinated and reserved was a breeze and we got the room we were so hoping for. All of our requests were met and we had a magical stay! We will definitely be using DVC Rental Store on our next Disney vacation!"

The DVC Rental Process

See how easy the DVC rental process is and how you can save thousands of dollars on your Disney World vacation!

  • Step 1

    Determine What You Need

    Decide on your DVC resort and calculate the number of points that will be required for your requested stay.

  • Step 2

    Submit Request

    Go to our reservation request form and our travel advisors wlil check availability for you for FREE. Once you're ready to reserve your villa, you put down $100 (fully refundable) and our team gets to work securing you a reservation!

  • Step 3

    Submit Remaining Deposit & Sign Documents

    After securing a reservation, you are required to pay $11 per point (around 60% of your total) as a deposit. This is where you can also opt to purchase a point protection plan. After that, you'll sign rental agreements and point protection plan agreements.

  • Step 4

    Enjoy Your Vacation!

    That’s all there is to it! You’re able to book a dream Disney vacation for a fraction of the cost you’d incur if you booked directly through Disney.

Ready to Book a DVC Rental?

Frequently Asked Questions
I want to rent a DVC Villa. How do I get started?
Head over to our Let’s Get Started page for all the details.
How much can you save by renting DVC points?
You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars. In most cases, you will save 50%-60% over Disney’s rack rates. Check out a couple of comparisons we’ve worked up for you.
Will all resorts and rooms be available at all times of the year?
Many factors will determine resort, room and view availability. Time of year, holidays, special events and even the size of individual resorts are only a few of the factors that will affect availability. We suggest planning your vacation as early as possible in order to increase your chances of getting your dream villa. You can fill out a reservation form here.
Do you offer travel insurance?
We do not offer travel insurance, however, we do offer a Point Protection Plan (PPP). It’s better than traditional travel insurance! If purchased, this plan allows you to cancel your reservation up to 3 days prior to your arrival, for any reason…no questions asked.
Do you have to make a deposit to check availability?
No! Some DVC rental companies require that you make a partial payment of up to $112.00 before they will check availability for you. We are happy to check availability and provide a no-obligation quote free of charge.

We do, however, require a $11.00 per point deposit for all reservations. This deposit is paid in two payments. This first payment of $100.00 is due at the time you decide to move forward with a reservation. If you are traveling with multiple families or securing multiple reservations, a $100.00 deposit is due for each reservation. This deposit will be refunded to you if your renting is not successful in securing your reservation due to lack of availability. The remainder of your deposit ($11.00/point less $100.00) is due upon receipt of your confirmation number.

Keep in mind, payments are not due until AFTER we have checked availability for FREE and have provided a no-obligation quote, AND you are ready to secure a reservation.
I own DVC points. How do I rent them?
Check out this page to see how easy it is to rent out your points & make money!