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What Is Disney Vacation Club?

November 16, 2022

If you have ever been to any of the Disney theme parks or even Disney Springs, chances are you have seen one of the many kiosks advertising the Disney Vacation Club (DVC).  But what is Disney Vacation Club, and how does it work?

Disney Vacation Club Is a Timeshare

DVC is essentially Disney’s version of a timeshare.  When you become a member and purchase a contract, you are entering a real estate transaction in which you buy an ownership interest in a specific Deluxe Disney Resort.  This resort is considered your home resort.  Unlike many timeshares, you don’t have to select a specific week of the year to travel every year.  Instead, your DVC contract provides a set number of points that you receive each year and can use to book trips at Disney’s best resorts.  This offers greater flexibility in scheduling and accommodation type (e.g., Deluxe Studio, One Bedroom Villa, Two Bedroom Villa, or Three Bedroom Grand Villa).  For even greater flexibility, points can be banked to be used for a trip the next year or borrowed to be used for a trip a year earlier.  (We will delve into the finer details of banking and borrowing in a separate blog.)

Another difference between DVC and traditional timeshares is that DVC contracts have an expiration date.  The longest that a contract would last is 50 years, and that is if the resort has just opened.  Currently, the contract end years range from 2042 to 2070, depending on how old the resort is.  The upside to having an expiration date is that you or your heirs are not responsible for the annual resort maintenance fees into perpetuity.    

DVC Includes Over a Dozen Deluxe Resorts

Riviera Resort Disney Vacation Club

DVC began in 1991 with just one resort that was called the Disney Vacation Club Resort.  Since then, the resort has been renamed as Disney’s Old Key West Resort, and several new DVC resorts have been established, some of which are part of existing Deluxe Disney Resorts and others that are 100% DVC.  These resorts include:

While you designate one of these resorts as your home resort when you purchase a contract, you are able to book at the other Disney Vacation Club resorts 7 months out from your desired check-in date or less.  

There’s so much to learn about DVC!  If you are interested in learning more about DVC, try before you buy by renting DVC points for a future trip, or contact our friends at the DVC Resale Market, where former DVC cast members can answer all your questions about the DVC resorts. 

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