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What Does It Cost to Stay at Disney’s Grand Californian?

May 1, 2023

If location is of the utmost importance to your Disneyland vacation, it’s hard to beat staying at the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.  As a guest of the deluxe resort, you can use its exclusive entrance into Disney California Adventure Park!  But what does it cost to stay in this prime location?

Cash Price Through Disney

Pricing on the Disneyland website

Looking at May 30 through June 9, 2023 on the Disneyland website, you’ll find that a Standard View hotel room at the Grand Californian is $721.54 per night before taxes with the special Spring Hotel Room Savings Offer.  That tallies up to $7,215.40 for the 10 nights before taxes. 

Rental Price Through the DVC Rental Store

Pricing on the DVC Rental Store website

For those same nights (May 30 through June 9, 2023), the DVC Rental Store has a confirmed reservation for a Standard View One Bedroom Villa at the Grand Californian for $6,240.  By booking this reservation through the DVC Rental Store, you’d save $97.54 a night or a total of $975.40.  So for less than the price of a discounted cash stay directly through Disney, you’re booking a larger space with more amenities!  

Unlike the hotel room, the One Bedroom Villa has a full kitchen, a dining table, and a washer and dryer.  There are also two full bathrooms in the villa, which makes it easier for you and your guests to get ready for the day.  Since the One Bedroom Villa is a DVC accommodation, there is no daily charge for self-parking for up to 2 vehicles.  With the hotel room, self-parking is $35 plus tax per night per vehicle.  So by staying in the villa, you would save over $700 in parking fees for 2 vehicles throughout the 10-night trip!

Make a reservation for the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa for your next Disneyland vacation!  Browse out the confirmed reservations for great deals, or check for future availability.

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