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3 Ways to Rent Your DVC Points

March 8, 2023

You may know that the DVC Rental Store makes it incredibly easy for you to rent your DVC points and pays up to $18 per point, but did you know there are multiple ways to rent them out?  Here’s a look at the 3 rental methods available.

List Your Points

Add your available DVC points to your dashboard to match them to rental requests.

If you have points that you know you won’t use, you may want to consider listing your points for rent.  Once you create a member account and submit your info, you can list the points you have available for rent.  You will include the number of points, their home resort, their point year and use year, point status (current, banked, or borrowed), and how many points you would be willing to borrow.  The system will then send you an alert when it finds a matching rental request for your points.  

Browse Open Listings

Browse guests’ rental requests on the DVC Rental Store website.

Alternatively, you can check the open listings to see what guest requests have not yet been filled.  To view the requests, visit the DVC Rental Store’s Account Center, and click on “Claim Open Listings.”  You can filter the results by keyword, resort, total points, or arrival/departure dates.  When you find a request that you can fulfill, click on “Claim” to view more details about the reservation and claim the reservation.  The DVC Rental Store’s Reservations Specialist Team will then contact you with the guest’s booking information.  You then have to book the reservation with Disney Vacation Club, similar to booking a reservation for yourself online or by calling DVC Member Services.  

Sell a Confirmed Reservation

Post a confirmed reservation on the DVC Rental Store website.

If you book a resort reservation but later find that you cannot travel, this option may be for you.  Rather than trying to match your points to a request, you can put the reservation up for rent as is.  Guests can then browse the confirmed reservation listings to find a reservation that works for them.  If a guest would like to book your confirmed reservation, you just have to update the reservation with the names of the new guest(s).

What’s the Best Way to Rent Out Your DVC Points?

The best method of renting out your points can really vary depending on your specific scenario.  Factors can include the use year of your points, the status of your points (current, banked, or borrowed), and the points’ home resort advantage.  For the best guidance, contact the Member Relations Team at membermanagement@dvcrentalstore.com.  The knowledgeable team can advise you on how to get the most out of your points. 

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