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NEW Galactic Starcruiser and Disney Wish Details Shared

December 3, 2021

During and immediately after Destination D23, Imagineers revealed plenty of new tidbits about two exciting projects. 

Yes, we’ve got more information about Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser and the Disney Wish. And it all sounds spectacular!

Disney Wish Updates

During Destination D23, Disney announced two new shows coming to the Disney Wish. However, these will be exclusive to this ship, at least for now.

Seas the Adventure will tell a story about Goofy trying to learn the power of imagination. 

His tutors in this journey of self-discovery are Tinker Bell and Captain Minnie Mouse. Other Disney and Pixar characters will appear as well.

Disney hasn’t done anything with Captain Minnie yet, at least from a performance perspective. So, that’s the main takeaway here.

The announcement promises characters from Finding Nemo, Frozen 2, Moana, and The Princess and the Frog, among others. 

Another show sounds more like what we’ve come to expect from Disney cruises. 

The Little Mermaid represents a next-generation theater show. It’ll tell the story that started the Disney Renaissance for animated movies in a new way.

NEW Reimagined Little Mermaid show coming to the Disney Wish (Photo: Disney)

Disney has promised groundbreaking special effects, theatrical design, and puppetry. 

Fans should keep an eye on this one, as it could lead to a new version of The Little Mermaid show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that’s currently absent.

Of course, the biggest story ties into the other update today. Park officials provided more insight into Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge.

We already knew about this bar area that will create the illusion that guests are traveling through outer space. 

Now, we’ve learned that the video display will consist of several scenes. Some will focus on alien planets. 

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge aboard the Disney Wish (Photo: Disney)

Others will show combat sequences between Star Wars spacecraft like X-wing Starfighters. 

The plan here appears to be canonizing certain parts of intergalactic travel throughout Disney’s theme park empire.

This footage could mirror aspects of the digital displays at Star War: Galactic Starcruiser. Speaking of which…

New Intel on Galactic Starcruiser 

During multiple presentations at D23, Imagineers discussed six characters you’ll meet on the starship Halcyon.

As a reminder, that’s the thematic name of the luxury cruise ship you’ll board during your voyage.

In reality, it’s just an immersive hotel, but let’s pretend we’re talking about an actual starship for now.

Captain Riyola Keevan will helm your cruise. She’s a Pantoran, and I won’t pretend to know what that means. 

Here’s Wookieepedia if you’re interested. In fact, Riyola already has a page as well. It may have spoilers if you fret about such things. 

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser – Launching Spring 2022! (Photo: Disney)

You’ll also meet and interact with Cruise Director Lenka Mok on your trip. This “joyful and optimistic soul” is in charge of entertainment on the ship.

So, this person will matter a great deal to your trip. However, it remains unclear how much you’ll actually encounter this person or any of the others.

Disney has confirmed each of these roles but hasn’t said anything about how often they’ll appear. 

I also have questions about shifts. Cast members will obviously have real-world constraints that prevent them from working around the clock.

So, will you meet multiple cast members pretending to be Cruise Director Lenka Mok? And will that ruin the immersion for you? 

These are lingering questions we cannot answer for a few more months.

Other New Characters

Anyway, another new character is Sammie the Mechanic. You can guess the role he plays.

The more alarming appearances involve First Order Lt. Harman Croy. Oh yeah, he’s one of the bad guys. 

That dude’s only purpose is to deduce which members of the Halcyon remain loyal to The Resistance. 

Some poor cast member is gonna get kicked in the shins a lot for playing First Order Lt. Harman Croy. 

The other two characters are droids, which is an exciting, ambitious idea.

SK-620 is the R2-D2 kind of droid and just as friendly. It’ll happily reach out a utility arm to those in need. 

D3-09 is a more humanoid form of droid. It also comes with some history. The founder of the Chandrila Star Line built this unit.

The Halcyon is the crown jewel of the Chandrila Star Line. So, that droid has seen plenty over the years. 

Disney refers to SK-620 as he and D3-09 as she. You should visit D3-09 when you’re in need of intel due to her long lifecycle. 

The official hotel website has also been updated with new information. You can play around if you want to learn even more. 

Pirate Night

We’ve got one other news item about the next generation of Disney vacations. 

The Disney Wish will offer everyone’s beloved Pirate Night festivities. However, this version will come with a twist.

The Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party will take place on one night of each voyage. 

Captain Redd will host this event…but not that one. As the story goes, this captain is a direct descendant of the Redd from Pirates of the Caribbean!

A fan of live music, Redd hosts a house band full of “head-banging buccaneers.” They’ll play pirate shanties in a rock ‘n’ roll style!

At one point, Redd will work with the ever-unreliable Captain Jack Sparrow to unlock a treasure that will somehow light up the sky. 

Usually, everybody’s drunk by that point, though. It is a pirate’s life, after all.

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