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How To Maximize Your DVC Membership

April 15, 2019

Disney Vacation Club was set up to help maximize enjoyment of repeat visitors to Disney Parks. It was a great way to create a community and a home at the happiest place on earth. If there was ever a Kool-aid to drink – it’s the DVC Member Kool-aid! 🙂 The question we’re exploring today is this: Are you maximizing your DVC membership? The tips listed below can help you ensure that you’re getting the most out of being a Disney Vacation Club member.

dvc membership

Maximizing Outside The Box

One of the best things you can do is turn your points into cash for other adventures. Maybe you are in that stage of life where your kids are a little older, and they want to explore other countries and far off lands. However, you know that you want to hold onto that DVC membership! This is a great season of life to press pause on the theme parks, but not walk away from Disney! You can use your points to take Adventures by Disney® or experience the Disney Cruise Lines®!

dvc membership

Adventures by Disney® boasts over 30 destinations in 6 different continents, and it is the highest guest-rated experience at Disney! Friends, Epcot lets you taste different cultures, and Adventures by Disney® takes you to a whole new level by allowing total immersion in a culture for several days! Pick from destinations in Australia, China, South Africa, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, Iceland, Scotland, and many more! Disney brings the magic to each of these places!! In Germany, you will get to sleep in a castle two nights!! You’ll get to experience the town where Little Red Riding Hood happened!! And you even get to visit the actual castle that inspired Walt to build the Sleeping Beauty Castle!! SAY WHAAAAAT?!?!?!

If you would rather stay in the United States, you still have many options – a few of which are Montana, Alaska, Arizona, San Francisco, New York, or Boston. The Alaskan adventure includes panhandling for gold, seeing glaciers, white water rafting, kayaking and much more outdoor fun! Disney has different lengths of adventures – one which is approximately 8 days and 7 nights, or an escape which they define as 2-5 days. In case you were wondering which trips are appropriate for your kids, Disney’s website will give age appropriate guidelines for each adventure.

If you desire rest and relaxation, taking a Disney Cruise Line is the way to spend those Disney points! You can choose from cruises in the Carribean, Europe, and even Alaska! You can take a themed cruise!! Think Star Wars or Christmas, your adventure possibilities are endless!

How do you exchange your DVC points for an adventure or a cruise? Through one of our amazing swap programs of course! The chart below shows how much DVC Rental Store will save you with our point swap program compared to using your points directly through DVC. The savings can be huge!

dvc membership
dvc membership

Maximizing ROI on Your DVC Membership

I bet you never imagined that you could get a financial return on your DVC investment? You probably started with a DVC Membership because somewhere along the journey you realized this was the place that made your family and friends happy. You would make sure to come home to Disney every year, and you wanted to start saving money to help cover all those happy memory costs.

dvc membership

The return on investment at the time was squeals of delight, wide smiles, twinkles in your kids’ eyes, and just pure happiness away from your regular routine. It was worth the investment; but could you be making a financial return on your investment? Absolutely. DVC Resale Market gracefully describes how many points you should be buying for what you want to do at Disney.

One of the easiest ways to turn your DVC points into cash is renting. It gives you immediate cash to do whatever you want – maybe it’s covering an unexpected cost, maybe it’s just some cash for your vacation, maybe it’s covering your DVC maintenance fees. You could rent some of your points in order to pay maintenance costs on your DVC membership, and still use other points to stay at a resort of your choice. That’s putting your membership to work for you! DVC Rental Store pays the most for your points at $16 per point at a premium resort in the 7-11 month window, and $14.50 for all other points.  Our FAQ section can answer any questions you have on how to rent points.

Whether you are new to DVC membership or you’ve been doing this awhile, we hope you have found new ways to maximize your DVC membership!

dvc membership

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