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Renting your Disney Vacation Club Points is Simple, Safe and Secure

  • You’ll fill out the form above and be sent an email to sign your intermediary agreement and W9.
  • You’ll sign our Intermediary Agreement (Sample). This allows us to set up your account within our system. 
    • Our members currently receive $14.50 per rented point ($16.00 per point for Home Resort status at select resorts in the 7-11 month booking window). We have the highest payout of any DVC point rental company!
  • You’ll create an account in our Member Center and add your points that you want to qualify for rentals. Many factors will affect the amount of time it may take to rent your points. Some of these include:
    • Use Year of your points
    • Amount of points available
    • Whether or not you choose to allow rental of borrowed points
    • Home resort.
  • We work to find a reservation that matches your points. Guests let us know when they would like to vacation and at which DVC resort they’d like to enjoy.
  • Once we find a match for your points, we email you the reservation information to book.
    • Availability is extremely time sensitive so you will need to be able to reserve immediately if you are awarded the reservation. You will then provide us with the reservation confirmation number.
  • We will forward the rental agreement (Sample)to you for your review and e-sign. Your e-signature constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Why Use the DVC Rental Store to Rent Your Points?

Many DVC members find themselves with unused points for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have other obligations this year or your lifestyle has changed and you have more points than you can use. You gain many benefits when you choose to use The DVC Rental Store to rent your unused DVC points.

You will be working with the Leader in the DVC Points Rental Industry.

You’ll rent your DVC points fast!

  • Most of our renting members will rent their points within a month.
  • Many will exhaust their points within one week.

We work with the guest to make the process easy for you.

  • You won’t have to spend your valuable time advertising and answering questions from potential renters when you rent your points with us.
  • We check availability and handle all communications with the guest and take care of all of the paperwork.

We ensure safe rentals to protect the value of your DVC points.

  • All of our rentals are secured using binding agreements and holding accounts.
  • We receive a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit equal to 60% of the total package price from the guest at time of booking with the balance due 45 days prior to arrival.
  • Your full payout is guaranteed once the guest makes their deposit payment. You won’t have to worry about a change-of-mind putting your points at risk.

WE PAY THE MOST. We pay more upfront. We give you more options to receive your funds!

  • We pay you the most – At $16.00 per rented pointed ($14.50 per point for Home Resort status at select resorts in the 7-11 month booking window), we pay you the most for your DVC points. More than any other brokerage service.
  • We pay you the quickest – We pay out 75% of the funds due to you once the guest has made their deposit with the remainder paid on the day of check-in (final payment for Saturday and Sunday check-ins are processed on the next business day). All other rental companies have a 50/50 payout structure.
  • We give you the most options to receive your rental payments –  These include PayPal, company check, or ACH Bank Fund Transfer. All other services require that you receive your rental payments via PayPal only