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How can I stay in a Disney Vacation Club Villa for less?

Disney Vacation Club villas are typically reserved for only DVC members, but that’s where the DVC Rental Store comes in! You can use our services to get up to 60% off of a DVC villa!

Will the Disney Dining Plan be available if I rent points?

Yes, you can add a 2019 Disney Dining Plan to your reservation if you rent DVC points. The Dining Plan must be added to your reservation no later than 30 days prior to your arrival. Disney requires that all members of your party participate in the same plan for the entire length of your stay.

Is Disney’s Magical Express available if I rent points?

Yes. If you know the airline and flight numbers, you can book the Magical Express through us up to 45 days prior to arrival. If you do not know the information at the time we book your reservation, you can provide that to us at a later date and we will arrange it with Member Services.

Are all resorts available at all times of the year?

Many factors will determine resort, room and view availability. Time of year, holidays, special events and even the size of individual resorts are only a few of the factors that will affect availability. We suggest planning your vacation as early as possible in order to increase your chances of getting your dream villa.

Does the DVC Rental Store require a deposit to check availability?

No! Some DVC rental companies require that you make a partial payment of up to $112.00 before they will check availability for you. We are happy to check availability and provide a no-obligation quote free of charge.

We do, however, require a 50% deposit for all reservations. This deposit is paid in two payments. This first payment of $100.00 is due at the time you decide to move forward with a reservation. If you are traveling with multiple families or securing multiple reservations, a $100.00 deposit is due for each reservation. This deposit will be refunded to you if your renting is not successful in securing your reservation due to lack of availability. The remainder of your deposit (50% of your total cost) is due upon receipt of your confirmation number.

Keep in mind, payments are not due until AFTER we have checked availability for FREE and have provided a no-obligation quote, AND you are ready to secure a reservation.

What happens if there isn’t availability at my requested resort for my travel dates?

When we receive your request, we check availability directly with Disney Vacation Club Member Services. If we return your request with no availability, it means that all or part of the dates at the resorts you requested have been checked and are booked for your travel dates. We are happy to check other travel dates, resorts or villa categories if you would like. Be aware that availability or lack thereof is the same for all DVC members or rental services.

How do I decide which DVC resort and room is right for me?

Head over to our Resorts page for information and links to help make your decision.

How do I determine the cost to rent DVC points for my vacation?

Our online points calculator allows you to see the points required to book your stay and the cost. Simply plug in where and when you’d like to stay and the calculator will figure the points and price for you.

Please note that pricing is subject to change. Your price will be based on current pricing at the time of booking.

Do you handle 1-night rentals or rentals of less than 50 points?

We are happy to. In fact, the DVC Rental Store is the only DVC rental service that allows you to reserve a stay of this amount. Rentals of less than 50 points are quoted at $20.00-$21.00/point depending on how far out from your check-in date that you book your stay.

Do you require full payment up front?

No! Other DVC rental services require that you pay for your accommodations in full once you receive your reservation number. Not us! When securing a reservation through the DVC Rental Store, our payment schedule is as follows:

Payment #1 – $100.00 per reserved villa Security Deposit (You are ready to Reserve):
When you are ready to move forward with a reservation, a $100.00 per reserved villa security deposit is required. This $100.00 security deposit is applied to your full deposit once we have successfully secured a reservation for you.

Payment #2 – Full Deposit (We send your reservation number to you):
Upon receipt of your confirmation, we require that the full deposit (%50 of your reservation less the $100 security deposit) be submitted within 24 hours.

Payment #3 – Remaining Balance (45 Days prior to Check-In):
The remaining balance on your account is due no later than 45 days prior to your arrival. This balance can be paid in one payment, or at your discretion, spread across several payments prior to the 45 days prior to check-in deadline.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept:
-Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club)
-ACH bank transfer

We are unable to accept:
-American Express
-Disney gift cards

Can I cancel or change my reservation?

No. All Sales are final. Each DVC member’s points expire at the end of their Use Year if they are not used so any change or cancellation puts that member at risk of losing the use of their points. You may want to consider adding our optional “Cancel for any Reason” Point Protection Plan so that you are protected against unforeseen circumstances.

Do I have to pay for parking if I rent a DVC villa?

No! Parking is free to you when you rent a Disney Vacation Club Villa at the Walt Disney World Resort. In fact, parking is free at all Disney Vacation Club resorts whether they are located in Florida, California, South Carolina or Hawaii. Free parking makes renting an even greater value!

Can I contact Disney directly to make changes to my reservation?

No. Only Disney Vacation Club members have direct access to DVC Member Services. Please contact us to have changes made or to have special requests added to your reservation.

How will I know that my vacation has been booked?

We will provide you with a reservation confirmation number which you can add to your My Disney Experience account to verify that your reservation is valid.

Please note that Disney does not provide a way to confirm online for stays at the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. Your travel advisor will provide you a confirmation from Disney when booking at the Grand Californian.

Am I able to use Disney’s online check-in when I rent DVC points?

Yes. You can check-in via your My Disney Experience account 60 days prior to your arrival date and make note of all special requests (room/view preference, celebrations etc.).

Please note that Disney does not provide Online Check-in for the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa.

What time is check-in at DVC resorts?

The standard check-in time at DVC resorts is 4:00 but you may check-in early and start enjoying your vacation. Please note that your room may not be ready for you until 4:00.

Is housekeeping the same as if I were staying in a hotel room?

You will not receive a full cleaning every day when you rent a Disney Vacation Club villa. Trash is collected daily but the Towel service is included in all stays of more than four days. If your stay is for less than eight nights, you will receive new towels on day four. If your stay is for eight nights or longer, you will receive a full cleaning service with Towel service on day four and Towel service again on day eight. Additional housekeeping services are available for a fee.

Additional Full Cleaning Rates:
Studio – $30.00 for each day requested
One-Bedroom – $45.00 for each day requested
Two-Bedroom – $60.00 for each day requested
Three-Bedroom – $75.00 for each day requested

Additional Trash & Towel Rates:
Studio – $15.00 for each day requested
One-Bedroom – $20.00 for each day requested
Two-Bedroom – $25.00 for each day requested
Three-Bedroom – $35.00 for each day requested

I’m staying in a DVC villa. Is there somewhere I can do laundry at the resort? Is there a cost?

Those staying in DVC Studio accommodations may not have a washer and dryer right in their room but they do have free access to public facilities. Each resort has washer and dryers available to members at no cost. Use is first-come, first-served. Locations vary by resort—at Saratoga Springs and Old Key West, they are located near each of the pool complexes.

Note that some of the washer/dryer units have coin slots, but money does not need to be inserted in order to operate the machines.

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