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Value of Renting Your DVC Points

The Economics and Value of Renting Your DVC Points

February 11, 2021
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Value is something we talk about often when it comes to renting Disney Vacation Club points. Guests looking to stay at a Deluxe Disney resort receive the value of up to 75% off the regular room rates – But what about the value of renting your DVC points for members themselves?

The economics or “value” of renting your Disney Vacation Club points boils down to one fundamental question for members: How do I maximize the total price per point I’m receiving? To answer this, we first need to explore several key variables that play into what gives these points their value:

The Value of Renting Your DVC Points

Just as owners put a great deal of thought into selecting their home resort, guests looking to rent DVC points are typically looking to stay at a specific Disney Vacation Club property. As a result, this prioritizes particular properties that receive high demand, such as Disney’s Beach Club Villas or Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. Owners of these resorts will often receive a premium when choosing to rent their points.  

The premium referred to above relates directly to the next factor influencing the economics and value of renting your Disney Vacation Club points – home resort priority. One of the most significant benefits of owning points at a specific home resort is the ability to reserve accommodations up to 11 months in advance. This benefit is also essential when it comes to guests renting your points. DVC points available for a premium resort reservation made early within this booking window are viewed as highly valuable.

Expiration dates are the final factor that plays into the value of renting your DVC points. Points with an expiration date far into the future are typically more valuable than those that will expire soon. This is why guests can often find great deals on last-minute confirmed reservations DVC Rental Store offers.

Now that we’ve determined the value associated with renting your Disney Vacation Club points, we can turn our attention towards how to maximize the return on your investment!

The Economics of Renting Your DVC Points

When analyzing how a member can produce the greatest return on their points, we typically look at a metric called a resort’s cost per point per year. This number is determined by adding the cost of the annual dues per point to the sales price of your home resort per point divided by the years remaining on the contract. Sound confusing? Not to worry – with some data and help from our friends over at DVC Resale Market, we’ve gone ahead and crunched the numbers to find the current costs per point per year for all Disney Vacation Club properties: 

ResortAvg. Cost Per Pt.Years LeftCost Per Pt. Per Year from Price2023 DuesTotal Cost Per Pt. Per Year
Grand Floridian $16240$4.05$7.33$11.38
Saratoga Springs$10830$3.60$7.86$11.46
Copper Creek$15944$3.61$7.92$11.53
Bay Lake Tower$15536$4.31$7.43$11.74
Animal Kingdom$12133$3.67$8.81$12.48
Old Key West (Extended)$11433$3.45$9.36$12.81
Old Key West$9618$5.05$9.36$14.41
Boulder Ridge$10718$5.89$8.51$14.45
Hilton Head$7318$4.06$10.73$14.79
Grand Californian$25736$7.14$8.04$15.18
Vero Beach**$6018$3.33$12.85$16.18
Beach Club$14718$8.17$8.17$16.34

A resort’s cost per point per year represents the minimum return you would want to receive when renting your Disney Vacation Club points to essentially break-even and cover your annual dues and purchase cost. When we compare this cost to the maximum rental payout for each property, it quickly becomes apparent that your DVC points hold an incredible untapped value that you may not be taking advantage of.

To better illustrate this, we’ve compared the cost of each Disney Vacation Club Resort to its maximum rental payout per point to determine the return on investment you could receive by renting your DVC points. We have also projected both a five year and annualized return percentage to better display the long-term ROI that you could also achieve:

ResortTotal Cost Per Yr. Per Pt.Max Rental Pay Per Pt.Difference Per Point Per Yr.5 Yr. ROIAnnualized ROI
Animal Kingdom $11.35 $16.00$4.6534%6.7%
Aulani $10.76 $16.00$5.2439%7.7%
Beach Club $14.54 $16.00$1.4629%5.7%
Boardwalk $13.95 $16.00$2.0532%6.3%
Bay Lake Tower $10.85 $16.00$5.1530%5.9%
Boulder Ridge $13.54 $16.00$2.4635%6.9%
Copper Creek $10.72 $16.00$5.2829%5.7%
Grand Floridian $10.60 $16.00$5.4026%5.2%
Grand Californian $12.81 $16.00$3.1920%4.0%
Polynesian $10.41 $16.00$5.5930%5.9%
Riviera  $11.32 $16.00$4.6826%5.3%
Saratoga Springs $10.41 $14.50$4.0934%6.8%
Old Key West $13.26 $14.50$1.2430%6.0%
Old Key West (Ext.) $11.42 $14.50$3.0828%5.6%
Hilton Head $13.64 $14.50$0.8629%5.9%
Vero Beach $14.47 $14.50$0.0324%4.8%

It is important to remember that these returns are a snapshot in time as of this article’s publication and will obviously fluctuate based on future dues and pricing. These numbers can also improve positively or negatively depending on your specific contract at the time of purchase (stripped points, loaded points, etc.)

Can the ROI be even higher? We are presenting ROI projections assuming you sell the contract after five years with a net sum of zero. While this may be true, it is important to note that over the past 5 years, the blended average selling prices of DVC resales have increased by over 23%. This increase would have more than covered the costs associated with purchasing and selling for most contracts.

Additionally, we are also assuming you are not purchasing a contract with any banked points with these ROI projections. Indeed, an additional year’s worth of points, even at a higher purchase price, can result in a higher ROI as well.

With a good purchase decision on a contract with banked points, the opportunity for an up to 10% or more annual return on investment can exist!

If you’ve stuck with us this far, you can easily see that there is a real economic value to renting your Disney Vacation Club points as an owner! We hope that we’ve been able to shine a light on a topic that, while maybe confusing, is essential for owners to understand in order to maximize their DVC investment.

Want to learn more about DVC rentals with DVC Rental Store? Head over to our Member section to learn more about the process and get started today!

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