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An Alternative to Disney Travel Insurance: Point Protection Plan

October 22, 2019

Do you cringe at the thought of booking a room reservation at Disney eleven months from now? That’s a big commitment. A lot could change between now and then. Even relationships can change in eleven months! Let’s be real, you could grow another family member in eleven months! If you wish you could have the safety net of cancelling your reservation up to 3 days before you check in at Disney, then you may want to consider investing in our Point Protection Plan when renting DVC points for your next Disney vacation!

Safety of Point Protection Plan

What Is The Point Protection Plan?

A Point Protection Plan allows you to cancel your trip up to three days before you check in! What is it exactly? It is a plan that will reimburse you for your reservation should you need to cancel – for any reason! No questions asked. For a sample Point Protection Plan agreement, click here.

Booking & Canceling Charts

Tier Chart of Amount of Refund For Any Reservation Made

Cancellation Made:Amount of Refund Issued:
* Tier changes at 11:59 pm EST** Purchase price of PPP is not refundable
45 Days – 7 months prior to check-in *$19.00/Point up to what you have paid **
30-44 Days prior to check-in *$15.00/Point up to what you have paid. **
3-29 Days prior to check-in *$10.00/Point up to what you have paid. **
0-3 Days prior to check-in *No Refund Issued **

If you are interested in the Point Protection Plan, please read the charts carefully and understand that if you cancel 5 days before check in, your refund is going to be less than if you cancel 45 days before check in.

bay lake

Cost of the Point Protection Plan

The cost of the Point Protection Plan is very reasonable. It is approximately 10-12% of your reservation’s cost. You will pay $3 per point, and a minimum of $300 must be spent when purchasing the Point Protection Plan. 

Is it Travel Insurance?

It is not Travel Insurance, but in our opinion it’s better! You can cancel up to 3 days before check in without having a “reason” to cancel! Most travel insurances don’t have a “cancel for no reason” policy. Could you cancel if you were suddenly awarded a trip to Maldives during the same time you would be going to Disney…and you’d rather go to Maldives. Yes. Could you cancel if suddenly you wake up and realize you dislike Disney so much that  you never want to visit there again. Sure. If that’s true…we know a couple of therapists that may be able to work with you…regardless…you could still cancel your Disney reservation if you have the Point Protection Plan.

Cancel for Any Reason Point Protection Plan

Why Buy It?

All Sales Are Final

The number one reason to buy the Point Protection Plan is because all sales are final. That means once you put the deposit down on your trip, that reservation is booked. The DVC member has used their points to book your reservation. Disney Vacation Club has put limits on DVC members for when they can use the points and when the points run out. If you have to cancel your reservation, the DVC member may have just lost points and they could be unusable. Therefore, all sales are final. 

Those who take a chance and do not purchase the PPP are wagering the entire cost of their reservation. If they indeed do have to cancel their reservation, they just lost thousands of dollars. 

Unknowns Happen

If you have any unknowns in your life it would be to your advantage to buy the Point Protection Plan. Sometimes guests with terminal illnesses really find this useful. Others who have sick family members, or are caregivers may want to buy the PPP too. Guests living in another country that anticipate travel plans to be highly affected by what is going on internationally, may find the Point Protection Plan beneficial.  If you always seem to hit the winning lottery of jury duty… you may want to PPP it up!

Point Protection Plan
Nothing like Jury Duty to ruin an upcoming vacation.


It’s probably good to take a moment and talk about Hurricanes for a second. They can be popular around Florida during Hurricane season. If you know you are traveling during Hurricane season, be forewarned that the PPP does not cover you canceling your vacation for a hurricane 0-3 days before check in. You still need to follow the PPP timeline to get reimbursed if you are canceling for a hurricane. 

Some guests turn to travel insurance as a better option during hurricane season, however, if you read the fine print, on some plans you would need to buy your travel insurance BEFORE the hurricane is a named storm. Good luck. By the time you hear about it on the news, they are named. And honestly, they are usually named more than 3 days before they reach Florida…so your best option is to get the PPP during hurricane season…and then if there is a hurricane and you cannot go to Disney, cancel before your 3 days before check in. 

When Is It Important To Get The PPP?

It’s Important To Request It When Paying Initial Deposit

When it is offered at the very beginning of you renting points, you will want to buy in. After the initial deposit. You cannot add it. That means if you decline it… you cannot ask for it later.

When You Book 5-11 Months In Advance

We encourage guests to request their booking 7-11 months from the time they want to visit Disney. This is to ensure the highest level of availability to choose from at your top resort. This however can pose a problem as there is obviously a lot that can happen in those 7-11 months. When you are booking anything 5+ months out, it is really important to buy the Point Protection Plan as there are many unknowns.

Check out DVC Rental Store for more answers to frequently asked questions about our Point Protection Plan! And make your 2020 Disney vacation planning easy when you book through DVC Rental Store and save time and money! For more Disney planning tips read The Top Three Things To Consider When Planning A Trip To Disney World. Hope you have a magical day!

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