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We do not offer travel insurance, however, we do offer a Point Protection Plan (PPP). It’s better than traditional travel insurance! If purchased, this plan allows you to cancel your reservation up to 3 days prior to your arrival, for any reason…no questions asked.

The cost of the “Cancel for Any Reason” Point Protection Plan (PPP) is $3.00/rented point with a minimum of $200.00. All reservations that require 100 points or less have a purchase price of $300.00.

Please be aware that reservations made using Discounted Points are not eligible to add the Point Protection Plan (PPP).

The Cost to add the PPP to your reservation is $3.00/rented point with a minimum of $300 and must be purchased when making the remaining deposit payment (50% deposit), not the $100 Security Deposit. This option lets you cancel for any reason – no questions asked – up to three days prior to your check-in date.

The premium for the Points Protection Plan ($3.00/point) must be purchased when making the remaining deposit payment (50% deposit), not the $100 Security Deposit. You will not able to add the Point Protection Plan (PPP) to your reservation if the premium is not paid for with your remaining deposit payment.

Unfortunately, we are not able to grandfather any current reservations into the Point Protection Plan (PPP). This Point Protection Plan (PPP) is only available for new reservations and the Premium payment must be made at the time that your deposit payment is made.

No. All sales are final. Each DVC member’s points expire at the end of their Use Year if they are not used so any change or cancellation puts that member at risk of losing the use of their points. We suggest that you explore purchasing the optional Point Protection Plan (PPP) so that you are protected against unforeseen circumstances.

If you decide against adding the Point Protection Plan to your reservation you will not be able to change the travel dates, villa category or change resorts. Your DVC Rental Store Travel Advisor will be happy to assist you in reserving an additional villa if extra room is needed.

If you decide to add a Point Protection Plan to your reservation, you will be able to make changes such as travel date changes, villa category changes or resort changes. Any changes to the fundamentals of your reservation, including these, would be handled as a PPP cancellation where you would receive a refund according to the Cancellation Tier chart below and your revised stay would be booked as a new reservation. These changes are pending resort availability and therefore cannot be guaranteed. The new reservation will have no tie to the original DVC renting member or the original rental agreement.

Please be aware that if you decide against adding the Point Protection Plan to your reservation, you will have no coverage in place and would receive no refund for any reason, including but not limited to hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, disease, pandemics, or acts of terrorism. Additionally, there is no coverage offered which would allow you to move your travel dates to another time, regardless of availability at the Disney Vacation Club resorts. This is true regardless of any overtures or allowances that the Walt Disney Company might make for other guests that book directly through them or your renting DVC Member.

No. The Point Protection Plan (PPP) is only applicable to the cost of your accommodations that have been secured with rented Disney Vacation Club points through the DVC Rental Store.

A dining plan can be refunded in the event that your cancellation request is received no later than 11:59 PM EST, 7 days prior to your arrival if you purchase our optional Point Protection Plan (PPP). Your renting member must be contacted and given ample time to cancel your dining plan. We will make every effort to cancel your dining plan and issue a refund if you notify us that you can not travel inside of 7 days of your check-in date, however, we can not guarantee the cancellation and refund.

No. Disney tickets, once purchased, are nonrefundable whether purchased through the DVC Rental Store, the Disney Company or any other ticket outlet. However, providing you have never entered a theme park thus activating your tickets, your tickets will never expire. You will have the opportunity to use your tickets for a later visit.

No. The $3.00/point premium is not refundable under any circumstance. These funds are retained by the DVC Rental Store to offset the cost of the PPP.

Absolutely! We have a sample Point Protection Plan (PPP) Agreement on our website. Just Click Here to view it.

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