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4 Pro Tricks To A Budget Friendly Disney Vacation

November 5, 2019

Have you ever wondered, “How do they get to take a Disney vacation every year?” Or maybe you’ve looked into park tickets, room reservations, and dining prices, and you feel like there is no way you will ever be able to afford a trip to Disney. Well… I’m sharing 4 tricks that professional Disney vacationers use! 

Disney Vacation

Stay at Disney for up to 65% Off

You can actually stay at Disney for up to 65% off?!! YES!! There are two ways to do this. The first is to rent DVC points and book far in advance. DVC Rental Store will help you rent DVC points from a Disney Vacation Club member. If you think you could find a DVC member and rent on your own, you may want read Why Choosing To Rent DVC Points Through A Third Party Is Optimal. 

The second way to stay for up to 65% off is to find a really good DVC Rental Store Special. These specials are last minute deals from premium resorts that pop up because someone had to cancel their reservations. Who benefits? You do if you can work within someone else’s planned schedule and you aren’t tied to a specific resort! 

Disney Vacation
Bay Lake is a great place to stay!! Super close to Magic Kingdom!

This is one of my favorite websites to follow – it’s like finding buried treasure at the bottom of the sea! If you value frugality and spontaneity and are flexible to where you stay when you are at Disney, you will want to bookmark this website. Every day is different, and you never know what treasures you may find!

Enjoy Disney Outside Of The Theme Parks 

When you stay at a Disney Resort, there is so much to do just at the resort. When you enjoy the resort, you aren’t paying for another ticket into the park. For instance, the Beach Club is known to have the best Disney pool. This may be because of the sand in the pool, or the large slide that comes from the pirate boat, or maybe it’s because you can take mermaid swim lessons at this pool?! Either way, spending a day at the resort is not only relaxing, but also saves you a park ticket for everyone in the family!

Disney Vacation
Beach Club pool…none other like it!!

Another fun activity outside of the parks is Disney Springs! You can shop at the huge World of Disney, eat some fabulous chef-made meals, or just stroll through and enjoy the scenery! The beautiful blue springs are breathtaking, and the sunrise over the lake is exceptional! If you want to add some excitement to your day, there are lots of things to enjoy at Disney Springs such as Splittsville (bowling), the NBA Experience, or The Void! This is one of my favorite places to go!

An added bonus is that when you set aside a day to just BE (or at least take it slower), chances are it will allow everyone in your party a bit of time to process all the fun they’ve been having. This is a great chance to share time together, ask each other questions, and truly get to know each other, find out what is or isn’t working on your trip, and help  you plan accordingly for the rest of your time!

Disney Gift Cards

You may have already heard of this one. It is great!! You can buy Disney gift cards from different places for less than the card is worth. Then when you visit Disney, you can use the gift cards. 

Disney Vacation
These bring the true magic!!!

For example, let’s say you pay $92 for a Disney gift card…but then you have $100 to spend at Disney! Now for those of you who don’t think that’s a lot of savings. Have you been to Disney? Saving 8% wherever you go is a phenomenal deal!

Pro Tip: Save up with these throughout the year! Then you are ready for your vacation!

 Buy Annual Passes Every Two Years

Ok, you will have to do your homework on this trick. And it doesn’t fit into everyone’s budgets. However, if you like visiting Disney every year, this is a trick you won’t want to pass up. 

Buy the annual passes every other year, and visit Disney 50-51 weeks apart. For example, if you visit Disney September 1 – 8 in 2019, then be sure to plan your 2020 trip for August! This way you still go to Disney every year, and you paid for next year’s trips worth of tickets this year!

Check out the Platinum Pass or Platinum Pass+

Pro Tip: You can get discounts with your annual passes! On average 10% off of dining experiences. Merchandise is 10-20% off depending on the store. Certain experiences, events and entertainment range from 10-15% off with an annual passholder. FYI: You will need to show your ID and it must match the name on the back of your annual pass. 

Bonus Pro Tip: Add your annual pass discount plus using a gift card… that is up to 28% off of certain Disney merchandise!

For more tips to plan your Disney Vacation, check out How To Make 2020 Disney Vacation Planning Easy or How To Choose the Optimal Dining Plan For Your Family. If you have small children, we also recommend Thirteen Unique Experiences At Walt Disney World For Little Prince & Princesses.

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