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How Much Can You Save?

The Answer is, Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars!

You will typically save up to 65% over booking directly with Disney. In addition, Disney charges Walt Disney World Resort guests a $24.00/night parking fee but, parking is free when you rent a Disney Vacation Club villa!

“…so, how did I go about planning this incredible vacation that I keep raving about? Well, for starters, I didn’t jump on the rack rate prices that Disney throws out there. Nope. I want luxury and comfort and beauty, but I don’t want to have to pay for it for eternity. So, I started searching. I knew there was a way to get everything I wanted. I looked and looked and read and read. I asked a lot of questions. I even got into arguments with moderators of certain Disney boards who are intent on pushing certain businesses and refuse to allow questions about other businesses. Yeah, I am hardcore like that.

Then, I found it. I think I might have even heard angels singing when the bright, thumbs up logo came across my screen, I had found the Holy Grail. Ok, maybe it’s a little dramatic, BUT they are really, really awesome! This company rents out points from Disney Vacation Club owners and allows you to stay in top resorts on Disney property for the cost of a value or moderate. From their customer service to the ease of their rental tools and applications, I cannot stress enough how incredibly easy and affordable it was to rent a villa from them. I would not hesitate to rent from them again and I highly recommend them to everyone planning a vacation, whether it is one night or ten. You won’t be disappointed!”

The (Mis)Adventures of a Slightly Insane Homemaker

How Much Can You Save?

Let’s Compare Renting DVC Points to booking through Disney

Through Disney, you can book a 5-night stay in June in a Deluxe Studio Villa at Disney’s Beach Club Villas for $2,550.00, but wouldn’t you rather reserve the same room for only $1,200.00 by renting through The DVC Rental Store?
That’s a savings of $1,350.00!


Book thru Disney



Save $



Save %





How Much Can You Save?

Let’s Compare Renting DVC Points to enjoy a Deluxe Villa Resort to booking a Moderate hotel room through Disney

You could book a 7-night stay in October in a Pool View hotel room at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort for $2063.00 through Disney’s Central Reservations Office. But wouldn’t your vacation be nicer if you were to book a Lake View Deluxe Studio Villas at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort for $1856.00?
That’s a savings of $207.00 and you’ll stay in a Deluxe villa that is just a 5-minute walk to the Magic Kingdom!


Book thru Disney
7 Nights in October

Port Orleans Resort

Pool View Room

Save $
Why Book a Moderate

When you can book...

More for Less!
Your Disney Dream

Vacation is ready to begin!



The actual cost of your accommodations will vary depending on travel dates and resort and room category chosen but, chances are you will save big money when renting through The DVC Rental Store.


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