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Two Saratoga Springs Pools Closing in October

May 29, 2022

Disney has announced some renovations coming to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa this fall. 

As a result, two pools will close for an extended period. Also, we’ve got plenty of Walt Disney World news today.

There’s Always Typhoon Lagoon

So, yeah, the leisure pools at Congress Park and Treehouse Villas will close in early October.

Disney will renovate them through the start of December. It’s unlikely to take longer than that, as Disney wants all its pools open for the holiday rush.

Saratoga Springs (Photo: Disney Tourist Blog)

Still, if you have already booked or plan to schedule a Saratoga Springs stay, you should be aware of these renovations.

Importantly, they will take place during the Thanksgiving and Halloween holiday periods, two popular vacation times for DVC members. 

Thankfully, three other pools on the massive Saratoga Springs campus will remain open. That’s plenty for October and November, a time with cooler temperatures. 

Walt Disney World News and Notes

We’ve got news about the Festival of the Lion King at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Tumble Monkeys and Aerial Dancing Birds will finally return on July 16th.

However, Disney must prepare for these changes to the current modified experience before the new (well, old) show can advance.

For this reason, the Festival of the Lion King will close from July 5th through July 16th

Please keep this in mind if you visit the parks for the July 4th holiday. Since July 5th is a Tuesday, that may be the day you’re leaving Orlando anyway.

Festival of the Lion King (Photo: Disney)

Conversely, if you want to watch A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King, July 4th represents what’s probably your last chance ever. You have from now until then to enjoy the story-focused version.

Meanwhile, annual passholders should know about changes Disney has made to the discount process.

Don’t worry. You’ll still get your savings as long as you have your annual pass. 

From now on, you must demonstrate that you’re a member via the My Disney Experience app, though. 

Disney made this change since annual pass cards no longer list the expiration date. The app will show your active status, though.

Personally, I like this change, as it saves me from digging around the contents of my (super messy) wallet. 

Disney Updates Mobile Ordering and Mobile Checkout

Speaking of changes, Disney has also streamlined Mobile Ordering and Mobile Checkout on My Disney Experience.

With Mobile Checkout, the shopping bag will show two buttons. The one on the left allows you to add more items, while the right button enables you to check out.

So, you’ll have a much easier time adding items you might notice at the last moment. Before now, it was kind of a pain.

With Mobile Ordering, the all-important three full bars screen, the one you see when your order is ready, includes better information.

The page now displays your Pickup Location and Order Number in giant type in the middle of the screen. Again, that’s MUCH better. 

Here’s a MagicalNewsLive tweet that shows the new display screen:

I find that so much cleaner than the old version.

I’ve got one other shopping update today. In annoying news, when you use the standard guest checkout at Disney stores, cast members will now ask you whether you’re paying with the Disney Visa.

I have the Disney Visa, I love the Disney Visa, and I hate everything about Disney making its workers do this. 

Other Park Updates

Here’s a TikTok that tells the whole story:


Grab your seat at the table. Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue reservations are open ❤️ #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyWorld #FortWilderness #DisneyCastLife #FriedChicken #Musical

♬ original sound – Disney Parks

Yes, reservations are now open for Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. The Parks Blog has also added a post about the changes coming to the show. 

Here’s what the stage manager, David Moore, has to say about them:

““We had the unique opportunity to really look at this show and take it to the next level for everyone involved,” David shared. 

“From switching the stage lighting to LED – which is better for the environment – to upgrading the audio for better sound quality, every little update is leading to a better overall experience for our guests and cast.””

Meanwhile, in park news, EPCOT’s new Guest Relations has reopened, and it’s a MUCH brighter building now. 

You can look at it in this clip:

Elsewhere at EPCOT, a new band is holding court at the United Kingdom pavilion where British Revolution used to play. 

The Hooligans, who you may have seen in Central Florida or at recent EPCOT festivals, are apparently the new act here, at least occasionally.

They’re also playing at Garden Rocks next Tuesday through Thursday. So, it’s evident that park officials really dig them. 

Finally, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is currently showing a Lightyear sneak preview at Walt Disney Presents… 

This movie looks terrific, and I think you’ll look back on it fondly if you watch the preview first before seeing the film.

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