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The Top 5 Toughest Rooms to Book at Disney’s DVC Resorts

October 28, 2019

Have you ever wondered why you can never get an Animal Kingdom Value studio? We’re diving into the top five most difficult rooms to book at DVC resorts (Disney Vacation Club resorts). Why is this important information? If you are looking to buy into Disney Vacation Club, this information may be valuable so you know how many points to buy for what is most often available. For anyone who is looking to rent DVC points, it is important to know that these rooms’ availability is highly unavailable by the time you request them. 

DVC Resorts
Bay Lake Tower

Top 5 Most Difficult Rooms To Book at DVC Resorts

These top 5 toughest rooms to book are not difficult because they are the best rooms. Instead, much of their difficulty to book has to do with low supply of rooms. Our purpose is not to create even more demand for low supply. Instead, it is to create an awareness and understanding of why these rooms are so difficult to secure, and maybe help you find some alternative rooms that are just as great!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Value – Studio and 2 Bedroom Lock Offs

As the name would suggest, it is a value room. This just means it is slightly smaller than its standard room counterparts. It also means you pay less points. This room is difficult to book because not only is it the least amount of points needed to book, but there are also only 18 studios (2 parking lot view, 8 savanna view, 8 pool view) total. Ten of those 18 studios are 2 bedroom lock offs. This means that if someone gets a AKL Value 2 bedroom lock off, it uses up an AKL Value studio. 

DVC Resort
Animal Kingdom Lodge is majestic!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Kilimanjaro Club – Studio and 2 Bedroom Lock Offs

Equally difficult to book are the Animal Kingdom Jambo Kilimanjaro Club rooms. Club level has the draw of extra special pampering for just a few more points. You get complimentary snacks, breakfast and appetizers! However, this kind of service can only be for a few. The Kilimanjaro Club has 10 rooms total. Five that are Studio and five that are 2-bedroom lock offs. Obviously, these rooms are taken almost immediately at the 11 month mark.

Bay Lake Tower-Standard Studio

Bay Lake Tower’s main draw is its nearness to Magic Kingdom. This is fabulous for nights that Magic Kingdom holds parties (i.e. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party) or after hour events. This room is difficult to book because there are only 30 Bay Lake Standard Studios to begin with, and they all may be used with 2 bedroom lock offs. These are often booked by 8-10 months out!

DVC Resorts
Copper Creek walkway to the ferry!

Copper Creek – Studio

Copper Creek itself is a fun place to stay for the family. There are a total of 78 available studios, however, 36 of those are lock offs, and the 2 bedroom lock offs go quick at Copper Creek. This in turn lowers supply of studios at Copper Creek, and often they are no longer available soon after 11 months. 

Boardwalk Villa – Standard Studio

This is the only Disney Deluxe Resort studio closest to Epcot for the fewest amount of points. All other studios at Boardwalk and Beach Club are a tad higher than this gem. It also only has 15 dedicated studios and 37 studios that may be used for 2 bedroom Lock Offs. As 2 bedroom lock offs are booked, the amount of standard studios available at Boardwalk dwindle. This phenomenon coupled with it being so close to Epcot for so few points only results in the Boardwalk Standard Studio being a difficult room to book. 

DVC Resort
Beautiful Boardwalk

Bonus: Riviera Tower Studio

The Riviera Tower Studio is also looking to be a difficult booking as there are only 12 rooms total in the tower. This is also the lowest amount of points needed to stay at the newest Deluxe Disney Resort: Riviera! Thanks to it’s recent opening, all the rooms at Riviera are getting booked solid at the 6 month mark!

Alternative Rooms To Book at DVC Resorts

All of these alternative options below have more rooms. More rooms means higher availability. Higher availability means higher probability you get the booking you want …when you want it. This doesn’t guarantee you will get the alternative booking; it is just a close match to the most difficult rooms to book. 

Alternative to AKL Value: Old Key West

Old Key West Resort is one of the most beautiful resorts, and every time I’m there, it feels like a community of Disney Vacation Clubbers just all went on vacation together. The community is amazing! I digress. 

Why this makes the list as an alternative to Animal Kingdom Lodge Value rooms is that it requires the least amount of points (after AKL value) to book a room. The best thing about Old Key West rooms? The rooms are huge! I’ve asked my husband to build the rooms in our home like the Old Key West rooms! You definitely get the most bang for your buck in regards to room size when you book at Old Key West!

DVC Resort Old Key West
LOVE the community of Old Key West!!

Alternative to BLT Standard: BLT -Lake View Studio

As we mentioned before, many people love Bay Lake because it is so close to Magic Kingdom. So, if you still want a close walk to Magic Kingdom, a Lake View Studio at Bay Lake Tower is where it’s at! There is more availability with the Lake View…and honestly, it’s a better view! So, for just a few more points, you get a better view AND you are still close to Magic Kingdom. For any renters out there…that equals out to just over $340 more for the entire week. That isn’t much for an entire week when we’re talking an upgrade!

Alternative to Copper Creek Studio: Boulder Ridge Studio

Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek are the sister DVC resorts of Wilderness Lodge. Therefore, a logical alternative stay to a Copper Creek Studio is the Boulder Ridge Studio. It is the same amount of points as a Copper Creek studio would be, and it has a similar ambiance to Copper Creek. However, it has more rooms than Copper Creek.

DVC Resort Boardwalk
Boardwalk is magical at night!

Alternative to Boardwalk Standard Studio: Boardwalk Garden/Pool View

This is similar to the Bay Lake Tower example in that the Garden/Pool view Studio offers much more availability because there are more rooms! It is slightly higher in points than a standard value would be, but you get a much better view! This is still super close to Epcot and has great breakfast options for a quick meal before heading into the park!

We hope you have found this blog helpful as you rent points or look to buy into Disney Vacation Club. For more information on the different themes of DVC Resorts, visit Each Walt Disney World DVC Resort In A Word. If you are looking to buy into Disney Vacation Club, we recommend you read Why Your DVC Home Resort Matters [For Your Wallet & Experience]. We also recommend you find out How To Try A DVC Resort Before Buying into Disney Vacation Club.

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