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The Top 5 Toughest Rooms to Book at Disney’s DVC Resorts

November 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered why you can never get a Value Deluxe Studio at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House?  Whether you are looking to rent DVC points for a vacation or you are looking into becoming a DVC member, a good sense of room availability patterns can help you set realistic expectations of what DVC Resorts you may be able to book and how many points you may need.  Oftentimes, availability can be tough for rooms that are popular for their low point values or rooms that are simply in low supply.  

Bay Lake Tower DVC Resort

Top 5 Most Difficult Rooms To Book at DVC Resorts

Below, we dive into the five toughest DVC Resort rooms to book as well as some alternatives that are just as great!  These alternatives have more availability, which equates to a higher probability that you will get the reservation you want when you want it. While there is no guarantee that you will get the alternative booking either, the alternative is a close match to the most difficult rooms to book.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Value Deluxe Studio and Two Bedroom Lock-off Villa

These rooms at Jambo House are a value both in the sense of their slightly smaller size than their standard room counterparts and their lower point value, which makes them very popular.  To make matters worse, there are only 18 Deluxe Studios (2 parking lot view, 8 savanna view, 8 pool view) in total. Ten of those 18 studios are part of Two Bedroom Lock-offs. This means that the availability of the Two Bedroom Lock-off Villas is dependent on the availability of the Deluxe Studio side.  

Animal Kingdom Lodge Kilimanjaro Club Deluxe Studio and 2 Bedroom Lock-off Villa

Equally difficult to book are the Kilimanjaro Club rooms at Jambo House, which are the only club level rooms among all the DVC resorts.  Club level has the draw of extra special pampering for just a few more points.  You get complimentary snacks, breakfast and appetizers!  However, there are only 10 Kilimanjaro Club rooms.  Five of them are Deluxe Studios, and five are Two Bedroom Lock-offs.  Obviously, these rooms are booked almost immediately at the 11-month mark.

Bay Lake Tower Standard View Deluxe Studio

Bay Lake Tower’s main draw is its proximity to the Magic Kingdom. This is fabulous for nights that Magic Kingdom holds parties (i.e. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party) or after hour events. The Standard View Deluxe Studio is difficult to book because there are only 30 of them, and they may all be used as part of Two Bedroom Lock-offs. Standard View Studios are often booked by 8 to 10 months out.

Copper Creek Deluxe Studio

Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge can feel like a peaceful retreat, but it’s still a quick ferry boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom. There are a total of 78 available studios; however, 36 of them are part of Two Bedroom Lock-offs, which tend to book quickly at Copper Creek. This in turn lowers supply of Deluxe Studios at Copper Creek, and they are often no longer available after the 11-month mark.  This is true nearly year-round, but especially during the holidays since there’s nothing quite like Christmastime at Wilderness Lodge with the giant Christmas tree and fireplace.

BoardWalk Villas – Standard View Deluxe Studio and Two Bedroom Lock-offs

These Deluxe Studios are popular for their low point value and their amazing location within walking distance of both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.  Standard View Deluxe Studios at the BoardWalk start at as few as 9 points a night, which is such a steal!  However, they can be very difficult to book after the 11-month mark since there are only 15 dedicated studios and 37 studios that may be used for Two Bedroom Lock-offs.  BoardWalk is unusual in that there are no dedicated Two Bedroom Villas, only lock-offs that consist of a studio and an adjoining one bedroom.

Boardwalk Villas DVC Resort

Bonus: Riviera Tower Studio

The Tower Studio at Disney’s Riviera Resort is also difficult to book, with only 24 rooms total.  These compact rooms are the cheapest way to stay at Riviera and are an accommodation type unique to this resort.  They sleep up to 2 adults and one child under the age of 3 and are best suited for couples-only trips or park-heavy trips where you mostly need the room as a place to sleep.

Alternative Rooms To Book at DVC Resorts

All of these alternative options below have more rooms. More rooms means higher availability. Higher availability means higher probability you get the booking you want …when you want it. This doesn’t guarantee you will get the alternative booking; it is just a close match to the most difficult rooms to book. 

Alternative to Animal Kingdom Lodge Value Villas: Old Key West Villas

Disney’s Old Key West Resort is one of the most beautiful resorts, and the villas there require the least amount of points (after the Animal Kingdom Lodge Value Villas). The best thing about Old Key West rooms? The rooms are huge and recently refreshed! You definitely get the most bang for your buck in regards to room size when you book at Old Key West.

Alternative to Animal Kingdom Lodge Kilimanjaro Club Villas: Animal Kingdom Lodge Savanna View Villas

Although the Savanna View rooms do not have access to the Kilimanjaro Club and its amenities, being able to see the incredible animals from the comfort of your own balcony is another great offering unique to Animal Kingdom Lodge.  As a nice little bonus, the Savanna View Villas are fewer points than the Kilimanjaro Club Villas.

Alternative to Bay Lake Tower Standard View Deluxe Studio: Bay Lake Tower Lake View Deluxe Studio

There is more availability with the Lake View Deluxe Studio, and the room layout is the same.  For just a few more points, you get a better view AND you are still close to the Magic Kingdom!

Boulder Ridge DVC Resort

Alternative to Copper Creek Deluxe Studio: Boulder Ridge Deluxe Studio

Boulder Ridge Villas and Copper Creek Villas and Cabins are the sister DVC resorts of Wilderness Lodge. Therefore, a logical alternative to a Copper Creek Deluxe Studio is the Boulder Ridge Deluxe Studio. It is the same number of points as a Copper Creek Deluxe Studio. However, Boulder Ridge has more Deluxe Studios.  Even better, Boulder Ridge is undergoing a refurbishment, so some fresh new rooms may be available soon!

Alternative to Boardwalk Standard Deluxe Studio: Boardwalk Garden/Pool View Deluxe Studio and Two Bedroom Lock-offs

This is similar to the Bay Lake Tower example in that the Garden/Pool View Deluxe Studios and Two Bedroom Lock-offs offer much more availability because there are more rooms.  It is slightly higher in points than a Standard View room, but you get a nicer view.  You will still be close to Epcot and all the wonderful nightlife along the boardwalk.

Alternative to Riviera Tower Studio: Riviera Resort Standard View Deluxe Studio

If you get shut out of the Tower Studios, it may be worthwhile to upgrade to the Standard View Deluxe Studio for only a few more points per night.  You’ll have more space and be able to accommodate up to five adults in the villa versus only two adults in the Tower Studio. 

Now the next time you are ready to book a DVC stay with the DVC Rental Store, you’ll know which room types need to be prioritized at the 11-month mark and which ones are great alternative choices!

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