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Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs: When Is Preferred Worth It Over Standard?

February 26, 2024

Saratoga Springs is the largest DVC resort and has two different booking categories.  For all rooms except the Treehouse Villas, guests select Preferred or Standard.  At Saratoga, these categories refer to the villa location as opposed to the view.  Other than the location, the villas themselves are the same no matter which category you choose.

Two sections of the resort are designated as Preferred.  These include The Springs and Congress Park.  Both of the Preferred sections cost more points per night than the Standard sections, which include The Paddock, The Carousel, and The Grandstand.  

When staying at Saratoga Springs, when is it worth spending more points to stay in a Preferred Section?

Preferred Is Worth It If…

The Artist’s Palette at Saratoga Springs (Photo Credit: WDW News Today)

Preferred can be worth the additional points if you plan to spend a substantial amount of time at the resort enjoying its amenities.  The Springs section of Saratoga Springs is closest to the Carriage House, which is where you will find the lobby, most of the resort dining, the feature pool, and community hall.  There’s the quick service restaurant, The Artist’s Palette, and the table service restaurant, The Turf Bar & Grill.  At the community hall, there are lots of crafts and games.  Nearby are also the bike rentals and arcade.

Preferred is also worthwhile if you plan to visit Disney Springs multiple times during your trip.  Congress Park is the closest section of Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs.  If you take the walking path, it will lead you to the Marketplace section of Disney Springs.  

Within the Preferred category, you can always request Congress Park or The Springs, but know that it isn’t guaranteed to be fulfilled.  If you are assigned a villa in The Springs, you could be a little further from the walkway to Disney Springs.  If you are given a villa at Congress Park, you will be a bit further from the Carriage House.

Preferred Is Not Worth It If…

The Carousel (Photo Credit: DVC Fan)

Preferred may not be worthwhile if you plan to spend more time in the theme parks.  If you are focused on visiting the theme parks, you may find yourself dining there and less reliant on the dining options at Saratoga Springs, which are primarily located at the Carriage House.  You may also be less likely to check out the recreational activities like those at the community hall.   

Preferred may also not be worth it if you have your own vehicle with you.  With a car, it is much easier to navigate the sprawling resort, and location will not matter as much.  In this case, you are better off saving points and booking in a Standard section.  

Whether Preferred or Standard is a better fit for you, book a great deal for a villa at Saratoga Springs with the DVC Rental Store!  Browse the confirmed reservations or check future availability

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