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Planning a Disney World Trip for Spring 2021

August 31, 2020

Are you currently daydreaming about a Walt Disney World vacation? Looking at planning websites, crowd calendars, pricing out tickets? Well, I’ve got fantastic news. Now is the perfect time to book a trip for the spring.

In addition to some great deals on confirmed reservations through DVC Rental Store, here are seven other reasons why you should be planning a DVC spring vacation.

The 2021 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

Earlier this year, the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival debuted. Unfortunately, guests barely had time to stick Frushi in their mouths before  the event closed.

The festival ran for a paltry seven days before Tom Hanks caught COVID-19, and the NBA shut down. A few days after that, EPCOT closed for four months.

When the park returned, Disney had merged its two most famous festivals into a hybrid event. The Taste of EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival is undeniably unlike any other, but Flower & Garden fans feel robbed. They didn’t get to savor the 2020 event.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

The Flower & Garden Festival had anchored spring at EPCOT since 1994! Only a handful of guests got to enjoy it in 2020, though. So, the return of a full-fledged event in 2021 is cause for celebration.

The Best Weather of the Year

Have you spent any time in the south? If so, you know that finding a temperate climate is quite a challenge. During the summer, 100-degree temperatures aren’t unusual, and humidity is sweat-inducing, too.

Since most of Disney’s DVC resorts are in the south, the weather can be challenging. However, Disney fans know that the sweet spots are early in the spring and late in the fall. During these times, the average temperatures are in the 70s and 80s, a.k.a. perfect theme park day weather.

The Return of Missing Amenities

As you plan for next spring, you must make some assumptions. One of them involves the current pandemic. Scientists expect a COVID-19 cure to hit the market 12-18 months after the first outbreak, which was December of 2019.

So, we can reasonably expect that normalcy will return by the spring. The instant that happens, Disney will restore some of its currently missing amenities. Yes, I’m talking about the classics.

Right now, a park visit doesn’t include parades and fireworks. Interpersonal character interactions also remain unavailable. And several daily performances from cast members are either notably absent or currently relocated elsewhere.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

I happen to love some of Disney’s modifications, especially the Cavalcades and concerts at America Gardens Theatre. Still, I anxiously anticipate that moment when Disney returns to the way things are. And that should happen at some point in early 2021, just in time for a spring visit.

Spring Break Vacations!

Okay, most of us got robbed on this front in 2020. Few schools had celebrated their Spring Break vacations when Coronavirus overwhelmed society. For this reason, many families had their plans scrambled.

No, that wasn’t anywhere near one of the worst parts of the pandemic. Frankly, it’s a drop in the bucket in the greater scheme. But we still missed out on one of our favorite annual traditions.

Next spring, a vaccine will allow guests to feel more confident while traveling. Also, schools should return to in-class sessions rather than in online classrooms.

By the point this happens, parents will be begging for a holiday, some vacation where they can get away from the house for a while. What could be better than a Disney Spring Break trip? That’s doubly true considering what we have just faced societally.

By the time Spring Break rolls around, Disney will presumably increase park hours. Realistically, we should expect significant increases as the parks return to normal. So, you’ll have more time to play when you visit next spring.

New Experiences to Savor

When Walt Disney World closed, many guests had yet to enjoy two of its newest attractions. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance debuted in December of 2019. Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway was less than two weeks old when Coronavirus became widespread.

If you haven’t visited Walt Disney World over the past year, you’ve missed both. In fact, if you’ve been away for 18 months, you haven’t walked through Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge yet. And that’s just the “old” stuff!

Park planners had meticulously planned several new activities for 2020, most of which are currently in limbo.

Space 220, a restaurant with a dazzling outer space theme, should have opened already. Unfortunately, behind-the-scenes turmoil caused multiple delays. You’ll want to dine here, though.

The moment you walk in the door, you’ll take a “space elevator” into orbit. During the rest of your meal, you’ll look down at Earth from outer space. Full-length wall monitors will create this illusion.

Afterward, you can walk to the World Showcase to visit the France pavilion. Here, you’ll discover the heavily anticipated Ratatouille ride. It’s an updated version of the Disneyland Paris attraction, the most popular one at the park.

Also at EPCOT, Epcot Forever had technically followed IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. However, the true nighttime replacement is Harmonious, which was supposed to open right around…now. Disney should debut it by next spring, barring something unforeseen.

At Disney Springs, Cirque du Soleil’s Drawn to Life was also mere days away from shows when the pandemic occurred. Its current ETA is early February of 2021. Until recently, Cirque had planned it for 2020. Alas, it’s running late due to the massive layoffs the company suffered during the pandemic.

All these amenities are potential new Disney experiences for you next spring! And I haven’t even mentioned Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure…

Returning Favorites

Several other Disney options remain closed during the pandemic. We don’t have an exact date when they’ll return yet, but they appear likely to come back by the spring.

I’m speaking about water parks. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach hold the title of the two most popular water parks in North America. Interestingly, Disney hasn’t reopened them yet, even though its cross-town competitor, Universal Studios, has brought back Volcano Bay.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

I must conclude that Disney could reopen its water parks by the end of the year. However, I suspect that the more likely scenario is that these water parks return at the start of spring.

In recent years, Disney’s modus operandi has been to close one of the two water parks during the winter. After that facility undergoes renovations, it reopens while the other closes.

So, bringing back the water parks right now wouldn’t make much sense. They’d shut down soon afterward. Ergo, spring makes sense as the ETA for the triumphant return of Disney’s water parks.

The other event to track is Disney After Hours and its newer sibling, Disney Villains After Hours. A few years ago, Magic Kingdom introduced Disney After Hours as a ticketed event akin to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP).

The premise is that you can enter a Disney theme park when it’s closed to regular guests. Your special event ticket provides access when most ride wait-times are virtually walk-on.

Disney After Hours doesn’t have live presentations like MNSSHP. So, park officials debuted Disney Villains After Hours as a kind of non-Halloween version of the Halloween party. It’s immensely successful because it does have exclusive shows starring Disney villains.

Disney isn’t leaning toward holding ticketed events during the rest of 2020. So, your next opportunity is probably in the spring.

Special Celebrations…and One More Reason

I previously mentioned Spring Break, but it’s far from the only special holiday/event during the spring. Disney fans are nodding knowingly because you’ve likely visited the parks during one of these celebrations.

During the spring, you relish the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day or dance in the streets for Cinco de Mayo. Realistically, both events involve much drinking and shouting, and you’ll love celebrating both at Walt Disney World.

Similarly, guests love to feast at Disney restaurants for Easter. It’s the perfect gathering spot for family meals since nobody must cook. Oh, and don’t forget Dapper Day! These events went virtual in 2020, but there’s no substitution for the real thing.

Also, keep in mind that some non-Walt Disney World opportunities are available. At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, you can watch the turtles. They frolic and nest on the beaches here, and guests love watching so much that some make annual visits. Spring is the best time for the turtle walks, too.

Finally, you have one more terrific reason to plan a DVC trip for the spring. The booking window has already opened for many of the most prestigious DVC resorts, including ones on the monorail.

You can stay at some of Disney’s best hotels…but at a fraction of the price. Also, you won’t need to pay sales tax for these rooms. The price you see is the total price you’ll pay. Plus, DVC Rental Store has published some Confirmed Reservations you can buy. It’s a quick, easy transaction that will book your spring vacation in a matter of minutes! And you’ll save a fortune!

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