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New Search Feature Rolls Out for Disney Dining Reservations

March 26, 2024

Earlier this year, Disney made it easier to book dining reservations at Disney World and Disneyland by allowing guests to see all the reservation time slots available for a particular day.  As of March 11, 2024, a new feature has rolled out that allows for multi-day searches for Disney World and Disneyland.  Here’s how the new Disney dining reservation search feature works.

On the Disney World or Disneyland website, My Disney Experience app, or Disneyland app, you can choose between searching for all restaurants available or going to the webpage of a specific restaurant.  When you search all restaurants available for a particular day, you’ll see some times available and then a second option that says “Check Availability for Multiple Days.”  

Check Up to 10 Days at Once

By clicking on “Check Availability for Multiple Days,” you’ll go to a webpage where you can select up to 10 days to check availability.  Click “Next,” and you’ll see all the time slots available for that date range.  You can sort the results by all day, before 12:00 PM, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM, or after 4:00 PM.

This makes dining reservation searches more similar to the searches for Enchanting Extras like tours and other experiences like Bibiddi Bobbidi Boutique and Harmony Barber Shop.

Save Time Finding the Reservation You Want

This latest upgrade to booking dining reservations makes it much more efficient to search for a reservation compared to doing separate searches for each day of your trip.  If you are flexible with your schedule and don’t have a preference as to which day you dine at a particular restaurant, this feature can also make it more likely to get a reservation. 

Need a little extra help getting the dining reservation you want?  Try out the Unlocked Magic Dining Reservation Finder! You can set it to send you a text message and email whenever the reservation you want becomes available.  This way, you can be the first to snag it!

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