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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Musings on Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

July 29, 2019

As I write this, we are only 36 days away from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opening up in Disney World! You can check out the official countdown and also view video highlights of the new land here. Friends, I have all the questions…and I’m sure you do too…so let’s discuss…

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Where Are The Guests?

First of all, Star Wars opened up in Disneyland back in May of 2019. There was a huge grand opening and a lot of video coverage! Good Morning America was leading the way to give us all a taste of what the new land would hold. And then…then there were crickets. It’s as if everyone moved on to the next best thing. Fortunately for Disney they have a lot of NEW in the pipeline. 

Is It The Land?

This kind of quiet weirds me out a bit. Not only is it quiet, but news reports have shown that the crowds are quite less than expected in Disneyland. Where are the people? What’s going on? Is it not as great as the hype? Are people waiting for it to open in Disney World? I’m convinced it’s the latter…maybe because that’s what I’m doing. 

Are guests waiting to visit until both rides are open in Galaxy’s Edge? For instance, when they opened Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, Smuggler’s Run was active. However, Rise of the Resistance will not be running until January 17, 2020 at Disneyland. Likewise, Rise of the Resistance will not open until December 5, 2019 at Disney World. Could this be affecting the crowds?

Is It All The NEW?

There are quite a few new things arriving this fall in Walt Disney World! Are guests waiting till they can visit The Happiest Place on Earth and experience all of the new things along with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge? In case you were wondering what I’m referring to – here are a few of the new things coming: 

  1. A new fireworks show at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – starting August 16.
  2. The Disney Skyliner Gondola system will be active September 29. 
  3. Epcot Forever (the new Epcot Nighttime show that is replacing Illuminations) will be showing as of October 1, 2019! 
  4. The brand new Riviera Resort will be open for guests to enjoy in December! 
Disney Gondola Skyliner
The new Disney Skyliner!

Can we just take a moment to look at Disney in 2019. “Unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling…a hundred thousand things to see” has been on repeat in my brain. Aladdin came to life on the big screen and we experienced “A Whole New World” in a whole new way. But let’s be honest – Disney is the one truly showing guests a A Whole New World this year! So. Much. New. I. Can’t. Even.

What Can You Do In Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?

Anyways…back to Star Wars. What can you actually do in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge? It seems that there will be quite a lot to see and taste at first. The land itself is set up to mimic every detail of the planet of Batuu. Friends, it’s Disney. Every. Detail. Matters. 

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Oh just Chewbacca & Rey walking around…

If you want to taste the blue milk that Luke Skywalker tastes…you can. If you want to make your own lightsaber…you can. If you want to build your own droid…you can. If you want to help heist some cargo on the Millenium Falcon…you can. Speaking of this ride, for a sneak preview of Smuggler’s Run, check out this review of Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Build Your Own Droid At The Droid Depot

Friends, this land is incredibly interactive! The Droid Depot is exceptional in letting you pick out the parts for your custom-made droid! Furthermore, you can even add things like personality chips, accessory panels, decals, or attachments that have light and sound effects on them! W.O.W. Again, Disney wins with a kid AND adult friendly space! 

Engage With The Force At Savi’s Workshop

Savi’s Workshop, where you get to build your own lightsaber, is where it’s at. Paying $200 for a lightsaber sounds outrageous. But it costs so much because you’re really paying for an experience…and you get a souvenir out of the whole deal. To go on a Wild Africa Trek, you pay $189-$249. Savi’s Workshop is in the same price zone. Only instead of getting up close to wild animals, you get to engage with the Force! 

Just like other unique tours and experiences, reservations are required for Savi’s Workshop (at Disneyland, and we’re assuming they will be at Disney World too). What’s different is that reservations are only made the “day of”. For more details and reservation info, we suggest you check out Disney’s Savi’s Workshop. If you want to get a feel for the actual experience, we suggest watching Chris Plante’s rendition of his adventure at Savi’s Workshop. I laughed throughout the entire video! 

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Where Shall We Stay The Day Of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Opening In Disney World?

Many are asking, “Where are the closest and best accommodations to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?” Because Boardwalk Villas and Yacht & Beach Club Villas are so close to Hollywood Studios, they would be a top pick. You can get to Hollywood Studios via boat or walking, so it is highly strategic to stay at one of them if you plan to be at Disney World opening day of Star Wars (August 29).

Other hotels and resorts that are close to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios (although we wouldn’t consider them premium or ‘best’ lodging) include Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach Resort, or the Swan and Dolphin.  

Savings At The Best Disney Resorts

If you are looking for THE BEST and CLOSEST lodging with THE MOST SAVINGS, check out DVC Rental Store’s specials page. They have a Beach Club, 2 bedroom reservation for August 28-30! You can take your whole family! Furthermore, there is no availability for a 2 bedroom Beach Club through Disney any longer!  Even more exciting, is that you can get the reservation for 25% off what you would have paid through Disney! Not only do you get something that is no longer available – you also get it at 25% off!

If you plan to visit a few days after the grand opening, like me, the timing is perfect friends! The majority of kids are back in school by this time so the general number of guests at Disney is lower. Food & Wine at Epcot has started by then, and you can also get to experience some of the last Illuminations showings at Epcot!! DVC Rental Store has a few reservations left during this special time in 2019. Studios and 1 Bedroom Villas are available on their specials page

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

I’m sure you have musings about the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, just like I do. Please comment below and let us know what you are pondering! Finally, as you make your Disney vacation plans to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, may the Force be with you!

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