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5 Disney Surprise Ideas

December 24, 2019

Most of us love a good surprise – especially if it involves going to Disney. We’re sharing our top 5 Disney surprise ideas! Some children may be averse to the options below…no guaranteed outcome. Either way, these are a few of our favorite ways to share the news with children that they are going to Disney!!

#1 – Pack Their Bags

The good ol’ suitcase surprise. They may not know exactly where their going…but they get the idea they are about to embark on an adventure. This is the thrill before the thrill. The excitement builds…and you can see in their eyes all their hopes of what may be. When they open the suitcase and find Disney related things…or a note saying they are headed to Disney…their joy may be more than either of you can handle! Have that camera ready to record all their emotions. This is one of our favorite Disney surprise ideas!

Disney Surprise Ideas

#2 – Christmas or Birthday Gifts

A trip to Disney is always a fun Birthday or Christmas gift…now granted…your visit will need to be close to their actual Birthday or Christmas for this to work the best. This Disney surprise idea is probably used most often compared to other ways of letting your kids know you are headed to the most wonderful place on earth!

Disney Surprise Ideas

#3 – Leave Hints

A few weeks before your trip, start leaving little hints around the house. You know Elf on A Shelf? Well, think Disney Characters showing up in odd places doing fun things. All you need are Disney toys (and I’m sure you have a few if you’re headed to Disney) and a little creativity. 

Take for example… if you have a Moana character – set her asail in the bathtub…on a homemade raft. When your kids find it…they’ll ask why Moana was sailing in the bathtub! You can tell them she was sailing to them to let them know they are headed to Disney…or you could just shrug your shoulders and continue this type of charade with other Disney characters…until one day you finally break the news.

Other fun character clues:

  1. Mickey on a charcuterie or cheese board…
  2. Belle reading a book
  3. Tiana cooking up dinner (AND you could decorate the table/kitchen like Tiana’s Dream Restaurant!)
  4. Snow White eating an apple
  5. Remi (Ratatouille) could also make Ratatouille for dinner…fun connection with the new Ratatouille ride coming Summer 2020!
  6. Cinderella mopping the floor
  7. Toy Story characters “riding” in/on vehicles
  8. A Tea Cup with Alice in it…ready to go ride the Mad Tea Party ride at Disney!

#4 – Get Into Character

There’s no better way to break the news than to have Mickey show up and invite them to Disney! You can buy Mickey outfits at various places on the internet. And, if Mickey isn’t their favorite character…there are plenty of other Disney Characters to choose from!

Disney Surprise Ideas

#5 – Phone A Friend

What is more magical than getting a phone call from Mickey (or Minnie…or any other Disney character)? Ask a friend to call you and pretend to be Mickey,  inviting your kids to a surprise getaway to Disney World or Disneyland! Work out the details in advance with your friend (and make sure you pick someone who is animated and creative! Not just any friend will do with this request). 

For other fun ideas for kids, we recommend Thirteen Unique Experiences For Little Prince and Princesses. If you are looking for Disney vacation planning tips, read The Top Three Things To Consider When Planning A Trip To Disney World. To Make your 2020 Disney vacation planning easy, book through DVC Rental Store and save up to 65% off! PLUS you get a FREE Travel Advisor!  Hope you have a magical day.

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