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Why DVC Members Love Our New Member Center to Rent Their Points

May 17, 2019

We’ve recently revamped our website to help create a seamless experience for everybody who visits. With those updates, we’ve rolled out a completely new member center that DVC members can use to rent their points fast & easy.

No other rental company has anything like it, and we’re so excited to offer DVC members an easy, transparent process for DVC point rentals.

So what’s this member center all about?

All-in-One Dashboard

dvc members

Our member center offers DVC members a dashboard where they have everything they need under one roof. Upon logging in, they’re able to add and remove the points they want rented, see their reservations that they’ve booked, claim open listings, and chat with our member management team.

Add and Remove Points to Rent

One of the most exciting parts of our new dashboard is our new ‘matching system.’ DVC Members navigate to ‘My DVC Points’ and can add all of their points they want to rent

dvc members
dvc members

After the DVC member adds their points into the system, our member management team immediately begins trying to find matching reservations for those points. The member can sit back and relax while our team does the work of trying to rent their points for them.

When our member management team finds a matching reservation for the points, they send the DVC member the registration info to book. (Please note: The 1 hour time window for booking reservations is still in place).

Once the reservation is booked – the benefits of our member center don’t stop.

View Reservations

Our member management team will update your point totals for you in the member center under ‘My DVC Points.’ An added bonus is that you can click ‘My Reservations’ and see all of the reservations that you’ve booked.

This makes it especially easy to track if you have more than one reservation booked.

*Note that reservations booked before May 1, 2019 will not show up*

Online Chat With Member Management

Have questions that you need addressed quickly? Our member management team is available through our online chat M-F 8am-4pm. They’re happy to assist DVC members with any questions they have about our system, the member center, or rental opportunities.

dvc members

Claim Open Listings

Although we offer the functionality of our member management team doing all of the work of getting your points rented out, you still have the opportunity to claim reservations yourself, if you’re more comfortable with that.

Our open listings page in the member center shows you which reservations are available to claim. If you see one that matches up with your points, you can click the ‘Claim’ link on the far right.

dvc members

After clicking claim, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page where you must check that you understand the reservation must be booked within an hour of receiving the details from our member management team.

dvc members

The Easiest Way to Rent DVC Points

So, let’s recap this.

  • There’s an all-in-one dashboard for members to utilize
  • DVC members can add the points they want rented, then sit back and relax
  • DVC members can see all of their rented point reservations booked
  • DVC members can claim open reservations within the tool
  • DVC members are able to chat with our member management team

It’s the easiest, most efficient way for DVC members to rent their points, and new members are already raving about how easy this process is.

Ready to rent your points & experience the member center? Start here.
Already created a login on our site? Go here to login!

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