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What Does It Cost to Stay at Disney’s Old Key West?

May 12, 2023

Disney’s Old Key West Resort is the perfect home away from home for a relaxing vacation.  Its Florida Keys theming and peaceful grounds are truly inviting, and the resort feels like a quaint community.  Plus, you are just a boat ride away from Disney Springs. The resort has some of the largest villas among the DVC resorts and one of the lowest points charts, but what does it cost to stay at Disney’s Old Key West and stay in one of these spacious rooms?

Cash Price Through Disney

What Does it cost to stay at Disney's Old Key West?
Cash price through the Walt Disney World website

From the Walt Disney World website, you can see that a stay in an Old Key West Deluxe Studio from November 18-25, 2023 would be $551.71 per night.  That’s a total of $3,861.97 before tax for the 7 nights.

Rental Price Through the DVC Rental Store

What Does it cost to stay at Disney's Old Key West?
Rental price through the DVC Rental Store

On the DVC Rental Store website, you’ll find a confirmed reservation for a Deluxe Studio at Old Key West for those same 7 nights.  This reservation is priced at $2,730–that’s a difference of $1,131.97!  That’s almost 30% in savings!  With that extra savings, you can cover lots of dining, fun extras like tours or after hours events, or even book another short getaway!

Stay at Disney’s Old Key West for your next trip!  Look for a great deal among the confirmed reservations, or check availability. With the DVC Rental Store, you’ll find incredible savings compared to Disney’s rack rates.

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