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Tips for DVC Split Stays at Disney World

June 23, 2023

Split stays are vacations where you stay at more than one resort.  They are a fun way to explore resorts that are new to you.  They are also great when resort availability is tight, and you can only find a couple of consecutive days to book.  If you have a split stay coming up, here are some ways to keep your vacation running smoothly!

Strategically Choose Your Combination of Resorts

Disney’s BoardWalk Villas are perfect for days at EPCOT or Hollywood Studios.

Split stays can be advantageous when you like to be close to the theme parks that you are visiting.  For instance, if you plan to spend a few days at the Magic Kingdom but also want to visit EPCOT a few days to enjoy a festival, a split stay with Bay Lake Tower and the BoardWalk Villas can be a perfect combination.  Split stays can also be a nice way to try a new resort since you can pair it with a resort that is an old favorite.  It’s the best of both worlds!  

Stay Organized

When packing your suitcases, you may want to plan out what you need for certain days of your trip.  Some people like to pack all of their outfits for one resort stay in one suitcase and all their outfits for the next resort in a separate suitcase.  Others like to use packing cubes to make clothing easily accessible without needing to completely unpack a suitcase.  You can also simply live out of your suitcase, so it’s easy to just zip up and be ready for the next resort.    

Pack Accordingly for Transfer Days

Head to the parks or pool on your resort transfer day.

On the day(s) you transfer from one resort to the next and are without a room during the daytime, it is easiest to head to the parks or Disney Springs.  You could also just enjoy a day at the pool.  Just be sure to keep all of your essentials with you, especially any medication, since your luggage may not make it to the next resort until early in the evening.  

Ask for Help from Bell Services

Bell services can help you transfer your luggage from one resort to the next.  You can either call from your room phone to have them pick up the luggage from your room, or you can bring the luggage down to them in the lobby.  Just note that they cannot transport any goods that need to remain refrigerated.  When your room is ready at your next resort, you can then retrieve your luggage from bell services or ask them to bring it to your room. 

Try to Stay at Least 2 Nights for Each Part of the Split Stay

Resorts like Animal Kingdom Lodge have so much to discover!

While split stays can be a lot of fun, transferring every day of a trip can be exhausting!  Since check-in begins at 4pm, one night at a resort doesn’t give you much time to enjoy all that a resort has to offer.  Staying for at least two nights gives you a chance to explore the amenities.

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