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The Secret to What Smart DVC Members are Doing 12 Months From Their Use Year

July 1, 2019

Have you ever wondered if you are making the best decisions when it comes to your DVC (Disney Vacation Club) membership? Maybe you’ve found yourself disappointed because you didn’t get the reservation you wanted when you wanted it. Whether you bought direct from Disney or bought DVC resale, this secret can be applied by every DVC member! We reveal what successful DVC members are doing 12 months from their use year.

DVC Members

The Big Reveal

Successful DVC Members are thinking a year or more in advance concerning Disney vacations and using their points. As my high school coach used to say, “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” #truth The first part of the secret that successful DVC Members know is to decide if they will be visiting the Mouse – quite literally a year in advance. The second part of the secret is to book their Disney trip in the 7-11 month window from their use year. 

DVC Members

Step #1 – To Choose or Not to Choose a Disney Vacation This Year? That Is The Question for DVC Members.

Some of you would argue that this step should never exist. That’s ok. You’ve already made the choice to go to Disney this year…skip to Step #2 or if you just want to keep reading for your own enjoyment, you can do that too. Choosing 12 months in advance sets you up for success in the next several months.

Why is step #1 choosing to go to Disney? This knowledge of your decision will help you know what to do with your points. Specifically it will help you either:

  1. Keep the value of your Points if you don’t go to Disney
  2. Book the Room reservation you want if you do go to Disney
DVC Members

Keep the Value of Your DVC Points

You’ve paid good money for those DVC points, both up front and annually as you’ve been DVC Members. So if you decide not to go to Disney, then keep the value of your points by renting your DVC member points to guests who want to go to Disney! This doesn’t mean that you lose your DVC membership. In fact, it means you will make a little profit on your DVC investment. The value of your points is highest at the 7-11 month window and DVC Rental Store will buy them at $16 a point if it is a premium resort.  After 6 months, the value of your points drops below $14.50 a point.

In the rental process, DVC Rental Store matches you up with a guest who is not a DVC member but is willing to pay you to use your points for their reservation. No worries, you are not “selling” your DVC membership. You keep it. You just allow someone else to use your points this year, and you make a little money doing so! 

If you are wary of giving your points to someone else or unsure if you will get paid – Hakuna Matata. DVC Rental Store handles all of the legal paperwork and makes sure everything is done efficiently and seamlessly. They will guide you every step of the way! They even make things super easy with their membership center! DVC Members love using this center because it keeps things organized and efficient!

DVC Members

Having Trouble Deciding Which Path to Take?

Sometimes deciding what to do 12 months out is really difficult and isn’t real clear which path to take. So if you are truly on the fence, and you really want to go to the Happiest Place On Earth this year, then choose to go to Disney. Faith is always the best route over fear. Follow your heart and believe the best. 

If at the last minute (4-6 months out) you have to cancel, you can always rent through DVC Rental Store what you had booked (they call it a confirmed reservation) and recoup some of your point value. Granted it won’t be near as much as you could have received in the 7-11 month window, but all would not be lost. 

DVC Members

Step #2 – Book Disney Trips in the 7-11 Month Window

If you are going to Disney, then booking in the 7-11 month window at your home resort will help you get the reservation that you want. Why? Availability & Priority. 

DVC Members Have Priority & Availability

The first reason you want to book in that 7-11 month period is for room availability at a DVC Resort. Point availability does not equal room availability just as room availability does not equal point availability. The most available DVC rooms are rooms at your home resort in the 7-11 months prior to your stay because only other people who have that same resort can book in that same time period. All other DVC members at other resorts must wait until 6 months, so you have priority as well.

Therefore, if you don’t book in that 7-11 month window and you have a highly sought after resort, you definitely lost priority, and you may have even lost availability to book at your resort. This can also result in lost value of points for you if you paid for points at a premium resort and are not staying in that premium resort. To find out more about DVC resorts and point values, check out Why your home resort matters for your wallet & experience.

DVC Members

If you don’t want to stay at your home resort, still book at your home resort in the 7-11 month window, and keep your eyes peeled for that reservation you really want. If you do get lucky and find the reservation of your dreams in that 6 month mark, you can always cancel your current reservation and grab the new reservation. 

Other Options For DVC Members

You do have another option if your points are from this year: bank them. Banking your points from this year means you can use them next year if you go to Disney. Therefore, you could use two years worth of points in one year.

The problem arises if your points are from last year (you banked them into this year). Then you need to use them. If you realize you won’t be able to use those points, rent them through DVC Rental Store. The less time you have to use the points, the less they are worth.

DVC Members

That old adage, “time is money” stands true when it comes to your DVC points. So, make a plan 12 months from your use year, and you’ll have direction, focus, and guaranteed less stress and frustration! To find out more ways to make the most of being DVC Members, read How To Maximize Your DVC Membership.

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