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Take 2020 Holidays at Disney To The Next Level [Stay In A DVC Resort]

January 30, 2020

If you are heading to Disney over the 2020 holidays, then you need to know about the opportunity to stay at a Deluxe Disney Resort. By renting DVC points, you can stay at Disney Vacation Club villas and enjoy luxuries such as proximity to parks, beautiful Christmas decorations, free parking, excellent restaurants, and so much more even if you are not a DVC member.

2020 Holidays at Disney

Proximity To Disney Theme Parks

One of the biggest perks of being in a Disney Vacation Club resort is that you are closer to the parks. This means less wasted time on busses and driving and more time for Christmas cheer! The best way to take advantage of proximity is to figure out which park you will be spending the majority of your time. Then, choose a resort close to that park.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is close to Disney’s Grand Floridian, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Disney’s Bay Lake Tower, and Wilderness Lodge: Copper Creek & Boulder Ridge Villas. The monorail makes transportation to Magic Kingdom super easy for Grand Floridian, Poly, and Bay Lake Tower guests. Currently, there is also a walking path from Bay Lake to Magic Kingdom, and they are working to make a walking path from Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom as well. Not to be overlooked, there is an 8-12 minute ferry ride from Grand Floridian, Copper Creek & Boulder Ridge.

2020 Holidays at Disney


If Epcot is your park of choice, then the Boardwalk Inn & Villas and Beach Club are both within walking distance to the back entrance of Epcot. Only a Skyliner ride away is the newly built Riviera. All three of these resorts are highly sought after during Epcot’s Food & Wine festival which runs in the fall.  

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios shares the same resorts as Epcot: Beach Club, Boardwalk Inn, and Riviera. If you are staying at the Riviera, a skyliner ride is close. If you are at Beach Club or Boardwalk, you will probably want to take a 15-20 minute ferry ride to Hollywood Studios. However, you may also go to the Epcot back entrance and get on the skyliner if you choose. Another option is to walk from Boardwalk (or Beach Club for a longer walk) to Hollywood studios, and this will be approximately a 15 -20 minute walk as well. 

Quick ferry ride to Disney Springs.

Animal Kingdom & Disney Springs

Animal Kingdom has the Animal Kingdom Lodge (both Kidani and Jambo) as the closest Disney Vacation Club Resorts. Disney Springs is close to Old Key West and Saratoga Springs. You may take a ferry ride to/from both resorts to Disney Springs, and you may also walk from Saratoga Springs into Disney Springs. The time of walk varies on where you are staying in Saratoga Springs.

Gorgeous Holiday Decorations

The second way to take 2020 Holidays to the next level is to experience all the decorations that the Disney Vacation Club resorts set up. In particular, the gingerbread masterpieces are something you will want to see! The Grand Floridian is known for its giant gingerbread house. Beach Club is known for its charming gingerbread carousel, and there are other “gingerbread resorts” as well. If you are short on time, make sure you know the 4 DVC Christmas Resorts you cannot miss

2020 Holidays at Disney

Extra Accommodations

A Disney Vacation Club villa is complete with accommodations. One bedrooms (and larger rooms) offer a washer/dryer set in your room. All rooms (studios – grand villas) include a kitchen, dishwasher, coffee pot, dishes and more. Plus you get free parking at a Deluxe Disney Resort when you rent DVC points. If you were staying with a cash stay, you would be paying $24 per night. That can add up over a week’s stay!

Deluxe Disney resort pools and restaurants are the best! They have an extra touch of theming, top notch food, and excellent character meets. There is enough to do at the resorts that you don’t have to go to a park every day. This is especially nice during the holidays when everyone is at the parks. 

Bonus Perks

There are a few bonus perks when you rent DVC points through us at DVC Rental Store. The first is that you get a free travel advisor. Secondly, you can add on a point protection plan (similar to travel insurance) when you rent through us. Finally, if you want to add the Dining Plan or tickets, we can help with those purchases too. 

Are you ready to start planning for your 2020 Holidays at Disney and take them to the next level? You can make your reservation request here. If you want more information on how renting DVC points works, check out this page. Don’t forget to read the 14 Must See Events or Exhibits During Christmas at Disney World as you prepare for the 2020 Holidays. Have a magical day!

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