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Strollers at Disney World

November 15, 2023

Whether you are a Disney World veteran but a new parent or just new to Disney World altogether, there’s quite a bit to learn about taking a stroller on your vacation.  Here’s what to know about what type of stroller to bring to Disney World, renting vs. taking your own stroller, transportation rules, and stroller parking.

Types of Strollers That Are Permitted

According to the Disney World website, strollers brought to the parks cannot be larger than 31” (79cm) in width and 52” (132cm) in length.  Also, stroller wagons are not permitted.

Renting vs. Taking Your Own Stroller

Disney rental strollers
Disney rental strollers (Photo Credit: WDW News Today)

Although some people are more comfortable using their own strollers at Disney World, sometimes renting removes the hassle of traveling by plane with a stroller.

Disney offers stroller rentals at all of its theme parks and Disney Springs.  Single strollers are $15/day or $13/day if you choose to prepay for the length of your stay.  Double strollers are $31/day or $27/day if you prepay for the length of your stay.  

However, a better option is to rent a stroller through a third-party vendor.  The DVC Rental Store recommends Kingdom Strollers.  These premium strollers are more comfortable than the plastic rental strollers from Disney, and they can be more economical.  Kingdom Strollers even offers free delivery and pick up at your resort.  

Stroller Transportation Rules

Depending on the mode of transportation you are taking and what type of stroller you are using, you may need to collapse the stroller to board. 

  • Buses: All strollers need to be folded to board. 
  • Monorail: Strollers do not need to be collapsed. 
  • Skyliner: Only double strollers need to be collapsed; single strollers can be pushed on without being folded. 
  • Boats: Smaller ferries will require strollers to be collapsed.  For larger ones, including the Friendship boats in EPCOT and on Crescent Lake, you can board without collapsing the stroller.  

This is why the resorts with alternatives to buses like the monorail resorts (Bay Lake Tower, Grand Floridian, Polynesian), EPCOT resorts (Beach Club, BoardWalk, Riviera), Boulder Ridge, and Copper Creek can be extra convenient when traveling with a stroller.

Stroller Parking

Stroller parking in Tomorrowland
Stroller parking in Tomorrowland (Photo Credit: WDW News Today)

When you visit attractions and shows, you’ll need to park your stroller before getting in line.  You’ll find designated areas throughout the parks.  They are marked with a sign, and they are often hard to miss as some can resemble a sea of strollers.  These areas do not show up on the maps in My Disney Experience. However, you can always ask a cast member if you have trouble locating one.  

Restaurants will also ask you to park your stroller.  If your baby is napping, you may be able to bring the stroller into the restaurant with you. This will really depend on the cast member, so your mileage may vary on this.  

Stroller Tips

  • Wherever you park your stroller, keep in mind that rain showers can pop up out of nowhere in Florida.  It’s always smart to cover your stroller after parking it!
  • It goes without saying, but do not leave any valuables in your stroller.  
  • Keep any snacks tightly closed since critters can scour strollers for food.
  • Cast members may move your stroller to make more room for others, so don’t panic if you can’t find your stroller in the exact same spot where you parked it.
  • Add something to your stroller to help you spot it from a distance in a crowded stroller parking area, whether it’s a scarf or bandana you tie to the handle, a special stroller tag, or even a string of lights, which can be both fun and very helpful for spotting a stroller at night.

DVC resorts are some of the best places to stay with a little one!  Check out the great confirmed reservations available through the DVC Rental Store, or ask about future travel dates!

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