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Renting DVC Points: Boulder Ridge vs. Copper Creek

May 3, 2023

Wilderness Lodge is unique among the Disney resorts in that it is home to two separate DVC resorts: Boulder Ridge Villas and Copper Creek Villas.  The DVC resorts share all the convenient amenities of Wilderness Lodge, such as its restaurants, transportation, and pools.  Both are the perfect place to stay during the holiday season.  The resorts even have similar points charts.  So what separates the two resorts, and which one should you book for your next DVC rental?

Boulder Ridge Villas

Boulder Ridge Villas (Photo Credit: The DIS)

Located in a separate building, Boulder Ridge is the original DVC resort at Wilderness Lodge.  It is connected to the main building via a covered walkway.  With this separate building, you have a quieter atmosphere plus a smaller, cozy lobby.  

Overall, the rooms at Boulder Ridge are slightly larger in square footage since Copper Creek consists of converted former hotel rooms.  One major difference with the rooms themselves is the capacity of the Deluxe Studios.  The ones at Boulder Ridge can sleep up to five people since they have a single pull-down bed whereas those at Copper Creek can only sleep up to four people.    

Boulder Ridge is currently in the middle of a full refurbishment.  These refreshed rooms have new furniture, appliances, upholstery, floors, and decor.  At the time this is being written, the refurbishment is nearing completion, and all guests checking in will have a renovated room.  Although it has not yet been refurbished, Copper Creek opened in 2017, and rooms are still in great shape.    

Copper Creek Villas

Copper Creek Villas

One main difference with Copper Creek is that the villas (with the exception of the Cascade Cabins) are located in the main building of Wilderness Lodge.  This brings you slightly closer to the restaurants and amenities compared to Boulder Ridge.  Plus, you are completely covered if there’s inclement weather.  

Speaking of Cascade Cabins, Copper Creek is the only DVC resort with this villa type.  These rustic chic cabins have two bedrooms and unique features like a double-sided fireplace and a hot tub.  They can accommodate up to eight guests.  If you have a larger travel party, the beautiful 2,237-square-foot Three Bedroom Grand Villa can sleep up to twelve guests.  By contrast, Boulder Ridge only goes up to Two Bedroom Villas and does not have any Cabins or Grand Villas.  

The Deluxe Studios at Copper Creek can be difficult to book due to lack of availability.  A combination of the point-heavy Cascade Cabins and limited number of Deluxe Studios means that the studios tend to book up quickly, especially during the holiday season when Wilderness Lodge is particularly popular. 

All in all, which Wilderness Lodge DVC resort works best for you mainly depends on the number of guests in your travel party and location preferences.   

Looking to book a stay at Boulder Ridge or Copper Creek?  Check the confirmed reservations or inquire about future availability!

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