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Pros and Cons of Split Stays at Disney World

May 28, 2024

Split stays are when you stay at more than one resort throughout the duration of your trip.  They can be a good way to piece together a Disney World vacation when availability is limited, and you can only find a room for a day or two at a time.  What are the pros and cons of split stays?


Bay Lake Tower

Staying at More Than One Incredible Resort

Each resort has its own unique theming, and it can be hard to pick just one for your trip.  With a split stay, you don’t have to choose!  For example, you can stay at the tropical Polynesian and then switch to Jambo House or Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge and enjoy the animals on the savannas for a completely different experience. 

Easier Access to Parks

Depending on the combination of resorts you choose, you can make it easier for you to visit different parks throughout your trip.  For instance, you can begin your vacation at Bay Lake Tower for the quick walk to the Magic Kingdom.  You can then stay at the Beach Club, which is walking distance to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios or a boat ride away from the two parks.  

More Flexibility with Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan allows you to prepay for your meals, so you have less to worry about during your vacation.  Typically, you can only opt to purchase the dining plan for the full length of your stay, not just a portion of it.  However, since split stays count as separate reservations, you can choose to purchase the dining plan for only one leg of your stay.

An Extra Day at the Water Parks

In 2025, guests at Disney owned-and-operated resorts get to enjoy complimentary access to the water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, on their check-in day.  With a split stay, you would have more than one check-in day, which means that you would also be eligible for more than one free visit to a water park!


BoardWalk Villas

Having to Pack and Unpack More Than Once

While it is fun to stay at different resorts and enjoy different theming and amenities, split stays also mean that you have to pack and unpack every time you switch resorts.  This can be inconvenient for families with little kids who tend to have a lot of travel gear.  

Being Without a Room on Transfer Days

With check-out time being 11am and check-in time being any time after 4pm, you may very well be without a room for a good part of your transfer days.  Many guests opt to spend time in the parks or Disney Springs while waiting for their next room, but for families with young children who still need nap time, this can be tough unless their kids don’t mind stroller naps.  

More Effort to Book Dining Reservations

Since each leg of a split stay is its own reservation, Disney recognizes them as separate entities.  With dining reservations becoming available at 6am ET 60 days out from your check-in date, you will have to wake up early more than once to make your dining reservations.  For example, for a split stay with two resorts, you will make your dining reservations for the first part of your stay at 60 days out from your first check-in day.  Then you can make dining reservations for the second part of your trip at 60 days out from your second check-in day.  

Whether you prefer to stay at just one resort, or you’re excited to try a split stay at Disney World, you get unbeatable value with the DVC Rental Store.  Check availability and pricing for future dates, or search the confirmed reservations to plan your next vacation!

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