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How To Maximize FastPass+ at Disney World

November 4, 2019

If you are like me…you just never have enough FastPasses. Well, we have some FastPass+ (FP+) secrets to share with you! Learn how you can maximize your FP+ Experience!

Maximize Your FastPass+ By Reserving ASAP

You can start to maximize your FastPass+ by knowing when the soonest possible day is for you to reserve FP+ tickets. If you are staying on Disney property, you can book FP+ 60 days in advance. Booking opens at 7am EST in the morning! If you are not staying on Disney property, you can book at 30 days in advance. Find out here how to stay on Disney Property and book Fastpass+ 60 days in advance (and save up to 65% on your room reservations). 

Test Track FastPass+
Test Track Fastpass+ is Tier 1 at Epcot!

How To Book FastPass+

You can book in three different ways:

  1. My Disney Experience App (phone)
  2. My Disney Experience online (computer)
  3. In the park on a physical kiosk. 

Pro Tip #1 – On the morning of your trip, you can check to see if some Fastpass+ are canceled that day, and you can grab them!

Many choose to use a FastPass+ for this gem!

Maximize Your FastPass+ By Getting Bonus FastPass+

Who knew you could get Bonus FastPass+?! After you use your third Fastpass+ in the park, you can go to a physical kiosk in the park (or use your phone on the app) and reserve your fourth Fastpass+ for the day! Once that fourth FP+ has been utilized, you may reserve a fifth FP+. You may continue to get more FP+, individually and after you’ve completed the one prior as long as there are FastPass+ available until the park closes. 

Another extra FastPass+ you can capitalize on is A Pirate’s Adventure – Treasures of The Seven Seas. Once you do the Pirate’s Adventure, you can get a FP+ to Pirates of The Carribean! This is a fun way to do an adventure with children and also gain a FastPass+!

A Pirate's Adventure
Extra fun – especially for kids 5-10 years of age!

Maximize FastPass+ By Reserving Rides In A Specific Order

Before you reserve your FastPass+, you will need to know two important things:

  1. What rides are most important to you? 
  2. What rides are most important to everyone else (aka what will be the most difficult to reserve). We help you figure this question out below…so keep reading.

Reserving By Tiers

The tier system that Disney has is simply dividing the most popular rides from the less popular rides. The rides in Tier 1 are the most popular rides. You can only choose one ride from Tier 1 in your original 3 fastpass+ choices. 

Magic Kingdom has no tiers. Every other park has a Tier 1 and Tier 2 assigned to rides. We will go through each park and point out the rides that are most difficult to book. This doesn’t mean that you will enjoy them the most – it just means IF you want one of the rides that is difficult to book, you will want to be prepared to reserve it.


Magic Kingdom

There is no tier for Magic Kingdom, so you can choose your favorite rides! The rides listed below seem to run out of Fastpass+ faster than other rides. So if these are on your “must ride” list, then you may want to pick them first!

  • Splash Mountain
  • Space Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Seven Dwarfs
Splash Mountain Fastpass


Epcot does have a tier system. This tier system has been known to change in different seasons. Currently, the tier system for Epcot is as listed below:

Tier 1

  • Soarin
  • Frozen Ever After
  • Test Track
  • Epcot Forever
Frozen Fastpass+
Another great FastPass+ option!! Somehow this line is always long!!

Tier 2

  • Journey Into Imagination with Figment
  • Living With The Land
  • Turtle Talk With Crush
  • The Seas With Nemo & Friends
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Mission: Space

FastPass+ Slinky Dog Dash
The wait at Slinky Dog Dash can feel like forever because of the heat (the wall around this ride doesn’t allow the wind to blow through the area, and it traps the heat in this area)….so I definitely recommend trying to get a FastPass+ for this!

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is also tiered! And just like other parks, their tier system can change. In fact, thanks to the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, there has been several changes in 2019. Currently, the tier system for Hollywood Studio’s Fastpass+ is listed below:

Tier 1

  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Toy Story Mania
  • Alien Swirling Saucers
  • Tower of Terror
  • Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster
Always fun! And more scary than you think it will be!

Tier 2

  • Star Tours – The Adventures Continue
  • Fantasmic!
  • Beauty & The Beast – Live on Stage
  • Disney Junior Dance Party
  • Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!
  • Frozen Sing-Along
  • MuppetVision3D
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Animal Kingdom

This land also has a tier system. Friends, if you can hook a Flight of Passage FP+ it’s your lucky day! No worries if you don’t…I have noticed that often in the morning, everyone flocks to Flight of Passage and can wait hours in line. However, there is a little lull in the afternoons sometimes. So if you don’t get Flight of Passage as your fastpass+, come back to it a little later in the day and the lines are shorter!

Tier 1

  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Na’vi River Journey
Kilimanjaro Safari
LOVE this ride!!! Kilimanjaro Safari for the win!!

Tier 2

  • Up! A Great Adventure Bird Show 
  • Festival of the Lion King 
  • Kilimanjaro Safari 
  • Finding Nemo – The Musical 
  • Kali River Rapids 
  • It’s Tough to be a bug 
  • Meet Disney Pals at Adventurers Outpost
  • Primeval Whirl
  • River of Lights
  • Expedition Everest
Always a good time!

Fastpass+ Takeaways

Fastpass+ can be an extreme help when planning your days at Disney! Several takeaways:

1) You can make Fastpass+ reservations 30 days from your trip…or 60 days from your trip if you stay on Disney property! Find out more on how to stay on Disney property AND Save up to 65% of your room reservations!

2) You can get Fastpass+ for your whole party at the same time (and link your reservations)

3) Don’t forget you can get Bonus fastpasses when you are done with your 3 original Fastpass+!

Check out Disney’s Fastpass+ answers for more insight into reserving your Fastpass+! Read How to Make Your 2020 Disney Vacation Easy! for tips on Disney Vacation planning! And if you are looking for fun ideas for your kids, check out  Thirteen Unique Experiences For Little Prince and Princesses. Have a magical day!

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