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How to Book a Spring Disney Trip…and Save a Fortune

September 15, 2020

Recently, I listed a few reasons why you should visit Walt Disney World next spring. I presume that you’re at least somewhat interested in a Disney vacation. After all, everyone could use a vacation in the wake of the horrors of 2020.

So, let’s talk about the best ways to book a spring Disney trip. Also, I’ll offer some suggestions to help you save a fortune on your vacation.

Step One: Pick a Date

First of all, the Spring of 2021 comes across as a vague description. Technically, the season begins on March 20 and ends on June 21. For many people, “Spring” means “Spring Break,” which can arrive as early as mid-February in some places.

So, you’ll want to decide when to visit. For parents of students, this choice isn’t challenging, as it likely comes down to when your school system celebrates Spring Break.

For everyone else, other factors come into play. For instance, Easter is April 4, if you like to spend the holidays at Disney. Along those lines, Memorial Day falls on May 31.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

Foodies should know that the 2020 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival started on March 4. In 2019, the first date was March 6. It’s reasonable to assume the event will open during the first week of March in 2021, too.

Pick the dates that best fit your needs. However, you will pay more for a holiday visit at Walt Disney World. Don’t worry, though! Presuming you follow my advice, you’ll save plenty of money on your hotel stay.

Step Two: Pick a Resort

Guests who stay at official Walt Disney World resorts receive impressive amenities. These hotels feature restaurants and pools that are immaculately themed and embody the finest in Imagineering.

You can stay at a place where a monorail drives straight through the middle of the building. You can also spend the night at a hotel where the animals are the residents, and you’re the guest. You can even feel like you’ve left Walt Disney World and traveled back in time to Ernest Hemingway’s Key West or the Saratoga Springs of a century ago.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

The moment you enter a Disney resort, you’ll know that you’ve begun your vacation. The fragrant aroma of the hotel lobby will signal that you’ve entered the Disney Bubble, the place where the magic happens.

Picking your resort comes down to personal preference, as Disney owns and operates more than 20 establishments. However, you should prioritize the Deluxe Villas at the properties participating in the Disney Vacation Club program.

I feel strongly about this because DVC hotel rooms are larger in size than standard hotel rooms. They all provide more than 300 square feet of space, with some offering more than 50 percent more than that. 

Better yet, each of these rooms includes kitchenette features. You can do some light cooking in a DVC studio. If you’re serious about dining in, the one- and two-bedroom villas have full kitchens complete with appliances and dining room areas.

In choosing a DVC resort, you should prioritize amenities and logistics. For example, guests who plan to spend most of their park time at Magic Kingdom should book one of the three monorail resorts or one of the two DVC options at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Similarly, you should pick Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge if your favorite park is Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Step Three: Check Hotel Prices

When you check Disney resort prices, you may feel priced out.  After all, these resorts cost more than $500 per night, sometimes much more. This is where I will save you a great deal of money.

On DVC Rental Store, you can comparison shop for the same hotel room for the same night. When you do that, you’ll recognize what tremendous value you’ll receive from booking here. As someone else here has pointed out, you could save up to 65 percent off the price of your hotel stay.

That’s not hyperbole, and I say it as a previous customer. I’ll use a real-world example here to prove the point. Let’s say that you want to stay at Walt Disney World on April 1-6, 2021, and you’ve chosen Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort as your resort. I will also presume that a basic studio room is enough to satisfy your family’s needs.

Should you book directly through Disney, you’d pay $857 per night plus tax. That’s $5,784.78, including tax. Conversely, if you booked with DVC Rental Store, the exact same room would cost $2,850.

At those prices, you could splurge for Lake View ($3,078) or Theme Park View ($3,724) as your room type. You’d still save at least $2,000. You could receive a discount of as much as 51 percent.

In fact, I want to bring your attention to an essential part of this website. DVC Rental Store offers many Confirmed Reservations at discounted rates. You’ll discover many great deals here and even better ones on our Discounted Points page.

As I type this, there’s a deal for my birthday that would allow me to spend five nights in a Bay Lake Tower studio for $1,650. That’s an insane value! As I just showed, that’s less than a two-night stay should cost at this resort!

Step Four: Book Your Hotel

So, you’re interested in booking a hotel through DVC Rental Store now, right? I mean, you like saving money, don’t you?

Okay, great! Let me walk you through the process of how to book your Spring vacation.

The first thing you must decide is whether you want to schedule your own vacation or pick one of the Confirmed Reservations already available. Let’s say you want the most effortless vacation. That means you want one of our Confirmed Reservations.

Simply pick the one you like and look for the link that says, “RequestAvailability.” It’s in red text, so you can’t miss it. This link will take you to a form to fill out. Provide all the data and hit the shiny Submit button! One of our agents will get in contact with you.

When you decide to book, you’ll leave a $100 deposit, and the DVC Rental Store team will attempt to attain your reservation. Hotel availability varies, but your money is totally refundable in the unlikely event that they cannot get your room.

Once they’ve gotten your hotel reservation, you’ll pay a 50 percent deposit on the total cost of your stay. Then, you’ll sign the final documents, and your DVC villa is confirmed! The site even offers a “Cancel for any reason” Point Protection Plan if you’re worried about a potential change of plans.

Those of you who want to choose your own vacation dates and room type will go through a similar process, albeit with a couple of extra steps. You’ll go to this page for a Free, No Obligation Quote.

On this page, you’ll select your arrival and departure dates. Then, you’ll choose either “Points” or “$” to study the expected cost for your trip. Unless you’re intimately familiar with how the Disney Vacation Club works, I’d suggest the “$” option. It shows precisely how much money you’ll pay for your DVC hotel stay.

You can scroll down to examine the types of resorts and room types you can book on those dates. Again, remember that availability fluctuates just like at any other hotel on the planet. So, the DVC Rental Store cannot guarantee availability. The site will do everything possible to find you an excellent vacation option.

When you find an option (or multiple options) that you like, select the option to Request a Quote. It’s toward the bottom of the page. This new page will look a bit different from the one for Confirmed Reservations.

DVC Rental Store wants to give you choices. So, this page will ask for:

  • 1st Choice Resort, Room Type, and View
  • 2nd Choice Resort, Room Type, and View
  • 3rd Choice Resort, Room Type, and View
  • 4th Choice Resort, Room Type, and View

This is done to provide you as much availability information as possible rather than peppering you with lots of questions. Fill out this information to learn which resorts and room types you can book on a given date. The rest of the page looks the same as Confirmed Reservations. So, follow the steps from earlier to complete the form and receive a free quote.

The other piece of advice I have here comes from years of experience as a DVC member. I would advise you to book as early as possible. Availability becomes tight as the date of your preferred hotel stay approaches. I always try to book at least seven months in advance.

Remember that you have a contingency option if your choices aren’t available, though. You can check the Confirmed Reservations page to find a potential match for your stay.

Step Five: Buy Tickets and Book Park Passes

The easiest part of the booking, at least historically, is to buy your admission tickets. You must decide how many days you will spend at the parks. I would suggest getting one extra day just in case. Disney prices its admissions such that the difference between a five-day and six-day visit is minimal. The company wants you to stay at the Disney Bubble as long as possible.

Guests who visit Walt Disney World more than once per year should consider annual passes. We live about 500 miles away from the parks, but we still buy them. In researching the matter, I’ve determined that 10 days is about the sweet spot.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

If you plan to go to the parks less than 10 days in a year, you don’t need an annual pass. If you’re going more than that, you’re priced in on one of the annual pass options, of which there are several.

As an FYI, you can also check a box on the Request a Quote page. It says, “Will You Be Needing Walt Disney World Tickets for Your Stay?” If you answer yes, DVC Rental Store will try to find you the best possible deal on park admission on your travel dates.

Of course, the other trick during the pandemic is that you must book a Disney Park Pass, too. Since Disney has disabled Park Hopping due to Coronavirus concerns, you must carefully weigh your Park Pass options. The park you visit that day is the only one you may enter.

Also, sellouts occur, especially on crowded dates on the park calendar. You’ll want to book a Park Pass for each day of your trip. You should do this the instant you confirm your travel plans. Otherwise, you risk getting shut out.

The one bit of good news here is that Disney reopens Park Pass windows sometimes. Once park officials possess an accurate headcount for a set date, they may decide that a park can hold more people. So, if you do get shut out at first, keep checking in case Park Passes become available later!

Overall, everything I’ve discussed here is easily manageable. The most important part is that you pick the right Spring dates to ensure your family’s happiness. Also, book using DVC rental points to assure that you’re stretching your vacation budget as much as you possibly can!

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