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How Does Renting DVC Points Work?

January 19, 2023

Whether you are a DVC member who has some extra points that you won’t be able to use, or you would like to book a stay at a DVC resort, renting points can be a great option.  DVC members receive cash for their points, and guests don’t even have to be DVC members to rent points for a discounted stay at a Disney Deluxe Resort!  With the DVC Rental Store, there are two ways to rent DVC points: confirmed reservations or renting points based on availability.

Confirmed Reservations

Some of the great deals that you can find among the confirmed reservations from the DVC Rental Store

Sometimes DVC members book a trip and later find that they are no longer able to travel at that time.  In this case, they can create a member account with the DVC Rental Store to rent out the pre-booked reservation.  Renting out an existing reservation is an easy process, and it only takes about 15 minutes to submit all the required information.  Next, the reservation is posted to the confirmed reservations section of the DVC Rental Store’s website for guests to find. 

When guests find a reservation they would like to book, they can select “Request Now” and fill out a request form.  Once the DVC Rental Store processes the request, they will contact the guest with purchasing instructions.  The reservation is changed over to the guest, and the DVC member is paid 75% of the total payment.  The remaining 25% is paid when the guest checks in to the resort.  

Renting Points Based on Availability

Check DVC availability for your dates to get started with renting points

Another way for DVC members to rent out points is to offer their unused points.  To get started, members should create a member account with the DVC Rental Store.  Within their dashboard, they can record how many points they would like to rent out.  From there, the Member Inventory Management Team will help find a rental request that matches the points available.  When there is a match, the team will ask the DVC member to book the reservation.  Similar to confirmed reservations, the member receives 75% of the total payment when the reservation is made for the guest. The member receives the remaining 25% when the guest checks in to the resort.   

For guests, renting points based on availability begins with checking availability through the DVC Rental Store.  Note that availability is best when guests place a request 11 months out from their desired check-in date.  When guests finish browsing rental offerings, they complete a reservation request quote form and submit a $100 security deposit.  A Reservation Specialist will then work on securing the reservation.  When the specialist confirms the reservation, the guest signs a rental agreement and pays 25% of the total rental cost (minus the $100 security deposit).  The remaining 75% of the cost is due 75 days prior to check-in.  

If you are interested in renting out DVC points or renting a DVC stay, contact the DVC Rental Store!  With the DVC Rental Store, you know you’re getting great value and service. Plus, you have peace of mind with their Stress-Free Cancellation Policy and policies that protect members and guests. 

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