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What to Know About Renting Points: Payments

April 12, 2022

We are taking a closer look at some DVC point renting basics.  While we have talked about availability in a previous blog, today we are going to focus on another element of the point rental process: payments.  The DVC Rental Store makes renting easy and beneficial for both guests and DVC members, including the payment process.  For guests, this means low upfront payments.  For members, this means payouts of up to $18 per point, which is more than any other rental service offers.

How Do Payments Work for Guests?

The DVC Rental Store has two different ways for guests to rent points: Confirmed Reservations or Check Availability and Price.  If you are comparing resort options through the Check Availability and Price process, the DVC Rental Store will collect a $100 security deposit to hold your place while the team searches for a reservation that matches your request.  If the reservation cannot be secured, this deposit is fully refunded.  If your reservation is secured, you only need to pay 25% of the total cost upfront (minus the $100 deposit).  The remaining 75% of the cost is due by 75 days prior to your check-in date.

If you are reserving a Confirmed Reservation that has already been booked by a DVC Member, a member of the DVC Rental Store team will provide purchasing instructions once you submit your request form for the desired listing.  Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, and DVC Rental Store Credit.

How Do Payments Work for Members?

Your payout rate depends on your home resort and the timing of when you rent out your points.  Between the 7- and 11-month marks, you can receive up to $18 per point for certain premium resort reservations!

As a member, your full rental payment is guaranteed as long as you follow the rental and intermediary agreements, and the guest makes their initial payment to the DVC Rental Store.  Once you book a reservation for a guest and complete a rental agreement, you’ll receive 75% of the rental payment upfront and the remaining 25% once the guest checks in to the resort.  The DVC Rental Store offers payment via PayPal, company check, or ACH bank transfer.

All in all, the DVC Rental Store keeps the renting process smooth and simple for guests and members.  Interested in renting points?  Contact the DVC Rental Store today to get started!

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