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Renting Out an Existing DVC Reservation

August 1, 2022

As a DVC member, points are precious, and I always try to use every last one of them.  When I found out that I wouldn’t be able to travel for the December trip I had planned months ago, and some expiring points would be in jeopardy, I turned to the experts at the DVC Rental Store for help.  Throughout the entire process, the awesome team at the DVC Rental Store provided prompt support and kept everything incredibly smooth.  Here’s what it was like renting out an existing DVC reservation:

Get Started

While I knew how to sign up to rent out points, I wasn’t quite sure if the process was the same for renting out a confirmed reservation.  Literally, within minutes of contacting the Member Management team via email, Daniel kindly pointed me in the right direction.  I just needed to create a Member Center Account on the DVC Rental Store website and complete the Intermediary Agreement and W9.  

Once my account was all set, I was able to log in and fill out my reservation information under the “Rent Out Your Booked Reservation” tab.  This included key information like the reservation dates, resort, and room type as well as a screenshot of my reservation confirmation and the lowest price per point I would like to accept.  All in all, it took me less than 15 minutes to submit all the required information.  Within a day or so, I noted that my confirmed reservation was posted online and ready to be claimed by a guest.

Changing Over the DVC Reservation

Four days after I had initially reached out to the DVC Rental Store, I received an email stating that a guest had claimed my reservation.  The email included the guest’s information as well as instructions to change over the reservation within 72 hours of receiving the info.  My next step was to call or chat with Member Services to change the lead guest info since that is one thing I cannot change myself on the DVC website.  I chose to chat with DVC Member Services and carefully copied and pasted the guest info to provide it to the cast member.  Once she completed the reservation modification, I received a confirmation email that I forwarded to the DVC Rental Store to show that the transfer was successful. The Member Management team then sent me the Rental Agreement to complete.

Get Paid to Renting Out Existing DVC Reservations

Once the reservation was changed over to the guest, the DVC Rental Store started the payment process.  As per the DVC Rental Store’s policy, members receive 75% of the total payment as soon as the reservation is booked, and they receive the remaining 25% of the total payment once the guest checks in.  Since I opted to be paid via PayPal, I received my initial payment very quickly, and I’ll receive the balance in December when the guest checks in.

Rent Your Points

Overall Thoughts

There are plenty of options for renting out DVC points. But the DVC Rental Store made the whole process so quick and easy for me as a member.  Above all, I felt safe because having the DVC Rental Store as the intermediary meant that I didn’t have to take on the risk of finding trustworthy renters or handling the payments.  They took care of it all.  While I don’t anticipate having excess points to rent out regularly (I really meant it that those DVC points are precious to me), I know that if I ever do, I wouldn’t hesitate at all to go through the DVC Rental Store again in the future.

Start the process of renting out an existing DVC Reservation TODAY!

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