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What to Know About Renting DVC Points: Policies

July 21, 2022

As part of our “What to Know About Renting DVC Points” series, we are continuing to look at some renting basics.  While we have covered availability and payments in previous blogs, today, we are going to highlight another element of the point rental process: policies.  If you are new to either renting points as a guest or renting out your DVC points as a member, you may have some concerns about how this all works and why you should rent through the DVC Rental Store.  Simply stated, the DVC Rental Store’s policies help take the risk out of renting points.

How Do We Protect Guests?

Life happens, and sometimes you have to cancel a reservation.  If that happens, the DVC Rental Store has got you covered with its Stress-free Cancellation Policy.  This means that you can cancel your non-refundable reservation for any reason 4 days or more prior to the check-in date.  

With the cancellation policy, the DVC Rental Store gives you credits that you can put towards a future DVC rental up to 2 years after your original travel dates.  The amount of credits you receive varies based on how far in advance you cancel your trip and how much you have paid. 

Cancellation WindowCredit Received
>120 Days100% of funds paid
120-61 Days75% of total reservation price*
60-16 Days50% of total reservation price
15-4 Days25% of total reservation price
<4 Days0%

Credits can be used for one reservation or multiple reservations.  You can also combine them with cash if the credits do not fully cover your next reservation.  

The DVC Rental Store also protects guests via the intermediary agreement that members must sign to rent out their points. This agreement ensures that the DVC member will honor and maintain the existence of the reservation made, including ensuring that their DVC membership remains in good standing to prevent any canceled reservations. This is the kind of security that differentiates the DVC Rental Store from private DVC rentals.

How Do We Protect Members?

The DVC Rental Store takes multiple steps to protect DVC members who rent out their points, including the policies in the rental agreement and intermediary agreement.  With the intermediary agreement, the DVC Rental Store agrees to facilitate the point rental process from supplying the reservation requests to collecting the funds from the guest and distributing those funds to the member.  By doing this, the DVC Rental Store creates a safe and streamlined rental process where the member does not have to field requests from prospective renters or track down payments from renters.

Saratoga Springs Resort - DVC

The intermediary agreement also ensures that the member is fairly compensated, even when there are changes to the reservation.  For example, if the DVC Rental Store requests that you cancel an existing reservation and book a new one using points from the canceled reservation, the intermediary agreement states that you will still be paid the full amount of the original reservation and receive a $50 courtesy fee for making the changes.

Some members have concerns about being liable for the guests using their points.  The rental agreement protects DVC members by stating that the guest is responsible for any unpaid charges or damages to the DVC unit reserved in the unlikely event that this should happen.

Through its policies, the DVC Rental Store ensures that guests and members have peace of mind.  Ready to rent points?  Contact the DVC Rental Store today to get started!

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