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Best Places to Watch EPCOT Forever

May 10, 2023

EPCOT Forever first debuted in 2019 as a temporary show before the premiere of Harmonious for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, and now it has returned!  This limited-run fireworks show pays homage to the history of EPCOT with a soundtrack filled with familiar songs from former attractions and shows.  Here are the best places to watch EPCOT Forever around Walt Disney World: 

Entrance to World Showcase

The fireworks view from the entrance to World Showcase (Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog)

While the fireworks show is visible from just about any unobstructed spot around World Showcase, this will give you the most centered view.  This spot is popular and tends to get crowded.  However, if you end up towards the back of this section, the good news is that the back is slightly elevated, so you can still get a great view.

Bridge Between the France and UK Pavilions

This is another popular location for fireworks viewing since the bridge provides a good vantage point.  Another perk of this location is its proximity to International Gateway.  If you are staying at the BoardWalk, Yacht & Beach Club, or Swan and Dolphin, you can make a quicker exit at the end of the night.  You can also catch the skyliner to Riviera, Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, and Art of Animation more easily.  

Above Mitsukoshi in the Japan Pavilion

If you prefer to be away from crowds, the terrace above the Mitsukoshi store in the Japan Pavilion is a great spot.  You are further back from World Showcase Lagoon, but the higher elevation can give a wider view of the fireworks show.  

Italy Isola

The Italy Pavilion gives a fairly centered view of the fireworks.  Plus, this particular spot within the pavilion brings you even closer to the water for a more immersive experience.  Note that this location is often used as a venue for weddings and other private events, so it is not always available.    

Fireworks Dining Package at Rose & Crown or Spice Road Table

Spice Road Table (Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog)

Disney offers a dining package for these two restaurants that includes dinner on the patios along World Showcase Lagoon.  At Rose & Crown, you can watch the fireworks while you enjoy an appetizer, an entree, a dessert platter, and unlimited beverages from a prix fixe menu.  It’s $89 per adult and $39 for children ages 3 to 9.  

At Spice Road Table, you have a choice of 2 small plates and unlimited beverages, and you have a shared tagine and dessert platter.  As of May 15, 2023, it’s $79 per adult and $29 for children ages 3 to 9.  

La Cantina de San Angel

This quick service restaurant in the Mexico Pavilion is a good spot to have dinner along World Showcase Lagoon and catch the fireworks.  There are tables along the lagoon that have a nice view of the show–no dining reservation needed!  If you prefer a table service restaurant, La Hacienda de San Angel in the Mexico Pavilion also has good fireworks views from the tables by the windows.    

Bridge by the Odyssey

This is another location to avoid the crowds.  You’re still close enough to World Showcase Lagoon to hear the soundtrack and see the fireworks, but the bridge is often empty.  You’ll also have a headstart on exiting the park through since you are closer to the front entrance.  

Topolino’s Terrace

The view of EPCOT Forever from Topolino’s Terrace

If you are having a resort day, dinner at Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort is the perfect way to view EPCOT Forever.  Not only is the food delicious, but you can watch the fireworks from the restaurant’s terrace.  You’ll see the higher fireworks from there and hear the soundtrack music piped into the terrace.  

Book a trip to Walt Disney World to catch EPCOT Forever during its limited time run!  Browse the confirmed reservations or look into future availability

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