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Food & Wine

7 Tips To Make The Most Of Food & Wine 2020

November 18, 2019

Food and Wine is quite possibly my favorite time of year at Disney!! In fact, only Christmas at Disney could possibly rival Food & Wine. Seriously. It is that amazing, and I highly recommend it! Food & Wine 2020 will be here before we know it, so I’m sharing my top 7 tips to make the most of this wonderful festival!

Food & Wine

Tip # 1 – Ride Living With The Land

One of the first things you will want to do when you get to Food & Wine is ride Living With The Land. This is one of my favorite parts of Food & Wine 2020 because Disney has posted signs at each plant so you can see where that plant from the greenhouse is being used in entrees or dishes at Food & Wine! Throughout the year, the greenhouse supplies Epcot restaurants with lettuce and other plants. However, during Food & Wine they say exactly which snacks or entrees have which specific foods! It’s super cool!

Food & Wine

Pro Tip: Take this ride the first day you arrive!

Second Pro Tip: If you like gardening – get the Behind The Seeds Tour

Tip #2 – It’s All About The Food.

It’s all about the food. It really is. Plan your vacation around what you want to eat and where! Start planning now…because the closer you get to your trip, the more difficult it will be to make reservations. You will be able to make dining reservations 180 days from your check in date. Find out more on making reservations with our Three Essential Things To Remember When Making Disney Reservations

A few tips:

#1 – plan a day (or two or three days… if you are like me) where you eat around the world (no reservations – just enjoy snacks. This is my FAVORITE! 

#2 – If you are on the Disney Dining plan… use eating around the world days as snack days (i.e. save up your snack credits…and don’t get the Deluxe Dining Plan)

Food & Wine

#3 Plan a slow morning at the resort – character breakfast at Cape May (in Beach Club) is a great idea right before you head into Epcot for the day!

Tip #3 – Pick up Your Passport

Food & Wine passports are the best! They can be found near all the entrances. You will want to pick this up first thing so you can see all the different foods that are being served at all the different country kiosks! They are even featured in the order you would find them as you walk around the world!

Not only does it mention what foods are featured at which kiosks, you can also get stamps as you travel around the world! And some of those stamps get you extra special goodies! In 2019, if you got five participating items from Emile’s Fromage Montage, you could get a free cheesecake! As you can see in the picture, you didn’t have to get all 5 items, you just had to get a total of 5 items. So if you wanted 5 Black Pepper Boursin Souffles, you can get 5 Black Pepper Boursin Souffles…then go claim your cheesecake!

Tip #4 – Experience Eat To The Beat

What’s better than Food & Wine at Epcot? Food & Wine plus music!!! Eat To The Beat is a win-win and Disney has brought in a variety of excellent musicians and artists during the past several years. I highly recommend that you add this into your schedule! 

Eat To The Beat

Pro Tip – plan to eat dinner at Epcot close to Eat To The Beat!! It helps with travel time and you can also see how busy the lines are so you can beat the crowds and get a good seat!

Tip #5 – Check Out The Food & Wine Souvenirs

I’m not always into souvenirs…in fact I can often go on a Disney trip without even getting one. However, Food & Wine Souvenirs somehow always pull me in. They are just so cute and chic! And supplies may be limited on some items. 

Pro Tip: Port of Entry shop (in Epcot) always has a wide variety of Food & Wine souvenirs!

Food & Wine

Tip #6 – Plan To Visit A Food & Wine 2020 Event

They have pairing seminars and demonstrations that can add a lot of fun to your vacation! If anyone in your family loves to cook or is a budding chef, this is definitely something to put on your bucket list! These events truly take Food & Wine to the next level! The Mediterranean Food & Wine Pairing may be a bit pricey compared to other food & wine events, but it is something extra special for those with an affinity for the finer things in life. 

Tip #7 – Book Your Food & Wine 2020 Room Reservations NOW

Food & Wine is one of the most sought after times to visit Disney, which is exactly why you want to start booking your room reservations now. If you are renting DVC points, check out our 3 Reasons to Rent at Saratoga Springs for Food & Wine! 

Beach Club

Bonus Tip: Visit Germany Pavillion’s Mini Train Village

Near the Germany pavilion in Epcot is a cute little mini train village. The attention to detail is incredible in this tiny town…and they are celebrating Food & Wine too in their town!! This stop is an absolute delight for any train lovers…and small children…and myself -even though I don’t fall into either category. Highly recommend you stop by during Food & Wine!

Food & Wine

There you have it friends, my top 7 tips to make the most of Food & Wine 2020! If you are looking for other Disney travel tips, be sure to check out How To Choose the Optimal 2020 Disney Dining Plan for Your Family, and How To Maximize FastPass+. For fun Disney adventures for small children, check out Thirteen Unique Experiences For Little Prince & Princesses. Have a magical day!

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