Friends! It’s Summer 2019, and we have to start prepping for runDisney 2020…and no I’m not just talking about training our legs to go the distance (Hercules? Anyone?). Anywho… I’m talking about booking reservations, signing up for the run, and starting to plan what delicious food you’ll be rewarding yourself with after the race!! These are the things that matter. Just thought you should know… in case you thought your race time mattered.

If you like running or you like to have fun or you like both…then a runDisney event is probably something you would enjoy(check out race pictures here). It isn’t your typical run where everyone is watching their time. There are Character meets all along the way and many runners choose to stop and take fun pictures with the Characters! If time matters to you, make sure to enter your race time when you register so you get into one of the first two corrals so you don’t have to be trapped behind a crowd of runners.

Running A Disney Race Through My Eyes

Entertainment a la mode

There is an abundance of entertainment at every runDisney event! Disney has excellent deejays set up throughout the course to keep runners going and their pre-race game is pretty strong with Donald Duck and his buddies! You also get to run throughout Disney property which includes the parks (and the castle!), so your eyes always have new material upon which to feast.

runDisney 2020
The Castle is gorgeous in the morning sunrise! It is the inspiration you need to finish the race!

Speaking of visual entertainment…the costumes other runners choose to wear are …phenomenal. Phenomenal in a creative sense…and phenomenal because someone is choosing to wear that while they run 13.1 miles. As I ran the half marathon this past January, I kept thinking things like, “Oh, that has to be chafing him in all the wrong places.” or “Wow, she has to be sweating a monsoon in that outfit.” “Oooo…he carried that the entire race?! Props!”


I’m just over here telling my quads that they are NOT rocks and they CAN make it to the finish line if they CHOOSE to do so. Okay. I’m sure by now, you’ve guessed I’m not a runner. Not by a long-shot. Buuuutttt…I married into a family that runs…so…there’s that. RunDisney is the only kind of race that I’ll run with them. They like to run and I like the entertainment – whether it is of Disney or runner origination – I don’t discriminate.

runDisney 2020
This is me barely making it…and this is my husband…the original T-I-double-Guh-ER

In other news – my husband was singing Disney songs during the race…which I secretly enjoyed but was also like “Where are you getting the breath to sing while you run?!! You aren’t Snow White…and we don’t have to whistle while we work…or run in this case.” Then he reached over to hold my hand the last half mile of the race…to which I shot him a look, and snapped, “NO. I’m just trying to survive.”

It was our most magical moment ever in the Happiest Place on Earth.

We recovered. I recovered. Actually, I did hold his hand for the last 15 feet of the race. You know, it’s all about the Insta…gotta be looking good for those Memory Maker Photographers (they are everywhere like paparazzi). Let’s be honest – I wasn’t looking good…I was looking more like Princess Anna when she wakes up on Elsa’s Coronation Day. #reallife

runDisney 2020
Props to my Hubby for running with me…instead of the pace he could have ran. He’s the best!

runDisney 2020 Dates

Disney has four runDisney weekends in 2020, with multiple races on each weekend!

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend – January 8-12

  • 5k – sold out
  • 10k – sold out
  • Half Marathon
  • Full Marathon
  • Goofy – run the half marathon one day, and the full marathon the next day
  • Dopey – run all four races (5k, 10k, half, and marathon) in four days
  • Castaway Cay Challenge – mix running a 5k with a cruise experience!
  • Kids Races

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend – February 20-23

  • 5K
  • 10k
  • Half Marathon
  • Disney Fairy Tale Challenge – run the 10k and the half on consecutive days.
  • Kids Races
runDisney 2020
We’re proud of our guests who ran Star Wars Rival Run Weekend 2019

Star Wars Rival Run Weekend – April 16-19

  • 5k
  • 10k
  • Half
  • Rival Run -10k and Half on consecutive days
  • Kessel Run – run the Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon at home and then run the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disney
  • Kids Races

Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend – Fall 2020 TBD (Fall 2019 is sold out)

  • 5k
  • 10k
  • Half
  • Two Course Challenge – 10k and half marathon on consecutive days
  • Post Race Party available
  • Kids Races

runDisney Prep 101

Room Reservations

Ok – so back to why we started this conversation – we need to start preparing now for runDisney2020. First things first, you need to book room reservations. Here’s why you want to be on Disney property – they provide transportation really early in the morning to the race. Yes – you want to get on that bus. Trust me.  Availability for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in January is starting to fill up already. So if you want to runDisney in January, then you need to act fast.

Next, in February, is the Princess Half Marathon…now there is more availability here then in January, but I’d still book now if I was you. The Star Wars Rival Run is in April, and right now it’s wide open, so odds are higher you can book a room of your choosing! DVC Rental Store is excellent at finding a Deluxe Disney Resort for the price of a Moderate Disney Resort! Check room availability and how to save up to 65% when booking through them!

runDisney 2020
In my opinion, going to the pool is the best therapy after running a half marathon.

Race Registration

As for the races in 2020 – The 5K and 10K in January are sold out. The half marathon and full marathon (and Dopey & Goofy) are open…yet. Notice I said, “yet”. If you are on the fence…you need to choose soon whether you will be running. I know, a lot can happen between now and January…but let’s just say that also gives you a lot of time to start training.

Dining Reservations

Room and race reservations aren’t your only concern. You will need to reserve a place to chow down at after you finish the race…and if you are thinking you want to run in January…then your 180 days prior to arrival (to register for table service) are right around the corner. Start thinking now about the food you want to savor and reward yourself with after such a long race.

Let’s Run This!

This is the best kind of race to run, and if you are looking for running advice, Disney even has a training tips and race day prep page. Check it out! Not only that, but Disney has an intriguing runDisney blog that will be sure to motivate you as you prepare! Start training now, and maybe I’ll see you out there! Just don’t try to hold my hand!!! Hope you have a Magical Day!!!

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