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The Void at Disney Springs

Why You Need to Visit The Void at Disney Springs

February 3, 2020

The Void at Disney Springs, in my opinion, is one of the best kept secrets at Disney. Not even just Disney Springs – but Disney World as a whole! It is an immersive virtual reality experience, and they do an excellent job of making you feel like everything you are experiencing is real. I met Darth Vader y’all! For real! 

The Void at Disney Springs
The Void is located in between Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Once Upon A Toy at Disney Springs

Someone will be assigned to your group and will help guide you through the entire experience. If at any time, you decide you can’t go on, and you want to take off your VR headset, they can help. As we were preparing for the experience, our guide reminded us not to throw objects. This intrigued us, and we had to know the story behind this rule. Turns out, one of her former guests was in high heels, took off said high heels, threw them at what she perceived through VR was a threat. She then she started running. We had a good laugh at her story…but honestly, as we were going through the experience I was grateful for that story because I was tempted on more than one occasion to throw things and run too! 

VR Mission Options At The Void At Disney Springs

The Void at Disney Springs currently offers two missions: Ralph Breaks VR and Star Wars:Secrets of the Empire. While we were visiting, they told us that Avengers would be coming soon, but we have not seen official announcements of that. We experienced Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, and it was excellent!

You can reserve your spot online – or stop by while you are Disney Springs and reserve a time. The latter option of course may mean waiting in line or having to come back for your reservation time. We went early in the morning, and were able to walk right on to our experience!

The Void at Disney Springs

Like I mentioned earlier, we had the opportunity to do Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. The Star Wars experience at the Void is more real and lifelike and entertaining than riding Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run. I cannot compare it to Rise of the Resistance – as I have not been yet…and from what I hear – Rise of the Resistance is the best ride Disney has created so far. 

The Void at Disney Springs
no pictures are allowed during the experience…so this will have to suffice 😉

Other Locations

If you don’t live near Disney – and you still want to experience the VOID – you may be in luck. There are more locations around the United States, Canada, Dubai, and United Arab Emirates. Plus some of these other locations offer even more experiences for you to enjoy: Jumanji, Avengers, Ghostbusters and more.

The Void at Disney Springs
We loved our experience! Hopefully you do too!

Next time you visit Disney Springs, make sure to stop by The Void for some extra fun! If you are planning a trip to Disney in the near future, be sure to read How to Make Your 2020 Disney Vacation Easy. You may be interested in New Disney World 2020 Attractions too.  For other travel tips, check out How To Choose the Optimal 2020 Disney Dining Plan for Your Family. How To Maximize FastPass+ is also helpful. Wishing you a magical day!

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