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Why Choosing To Rent DVC Points Through A Third Party Is Optimal

September 20, 2019

It’s Safer to Rent DVC Points Through A Third Party

Choosing to rent DVC points (Disney Vacation Club) through a third party keeps you safe. This is because the third-party protects both the DVC member (owner) and the guest who is renting the Disney Vacation Club points. Here at DVC Rental Store, we have a rental agreement, which is a legal and binding document. This keeps the whole transaction trustworthy and safe!

Scam Rent DVC Points

Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed situations where there was not a rental agreement. Instances of a DVC member promising points to someone, collecting the money, but doesn’t follow through with booking the renter a room. Or there are other cases where after the money has transferred, the member cancels the reservation, or Disney cancels the reservation because the member hasn’t paid their annual dues.

DVC Rental Store processes thousands and thousands of reservations in a year. We have had members cancel on guests in the past (a very rare occurrence), but we did everything to ensure the guest still got a room for their vacation. With the rental agreement signed by the DVC member, we also had the opportunity to pursue legal action against the member. 

Boardwalk Rent DVC Points

As the third party, we took the hit. Being in the business of renting DVC points, we also know our members really well. So will we ever allow the member who didn’t keep their rental agreements in the past to rent points through us in the future? Never.

Renting through a third party is also safer for the DVC member. There have been cases where the renter doesn’t pay the full amount due to the DVC member. As the third party, we make sure you get the full amount of money promised. 

Renting Points through DVC Rental Store Also Gets You A FREE Travel Advisor!

Guests who rent through us also get their own personal Travel Advisor! For FREE!! Our guests LOVE our Travel Advisors because they work hard to make sure your trip is everything you wanted! They answer all your questions and help you through the entire process!!

Old Key West

DVC Rental Store Makes Renting DVC Points Efficient for DVC Members

DVC Rental Store has a new Member Center that allows us to help you get a fast turnaround on your points! This is set up in a clear way where you can see how many points you have at each resort. You can also see when your use year is, how many points you’ve rented out. How many more you need to rent out, etc. Find out more about Why other DVC Members Love Our Member Center! 

It can be a hassle to rent privately because guests are constantly changing their mind on what they want. This means that you, the DVC member, has to look up availability over and over again. We streamline the process, ask all the important questions up front, and make everything easy and quick for both the DVC member and the guest renting the points. 

Rent DVC Points Grand Floridian

DVC Rental Store Helps You Navigate What The Best Option Is For Your DVC Points

As DVC Members you can do a lot with your DVC Points. You can bank, borrow, rent, or use your points. Each contract has use years, so certain dates and times of the year are especially important to pay attention to! There are also annual dues! It can be a lot to manage. DVC Rental Store has been doing this for years and we would love to help you understand your points and your options!

Rent DVC Points

Whether you rent your DVC points through us or not, it’s worth giving us a call when you have questions about your contract and what you can do with your points. We will help you figure out your prime time to use your points (or rent). We can help you understand whether banking or borrowing or renting is best for your circumstance! Basically, we just want to help you! We’ve realized over the years that many DVC members have bought into Disney Vacation Club and don’t fully understand how much they truly have through DVC that they can leverage! 

Rent DVC Points

For more insider tips to being a DVC Member, check out How To Maximize Your DVC Membership, or The Secret To What Smart DVC Members Are Doing 12 Months from Their Use Year, or Why Your DVC Home Resort Matters. If you are looking to rent your DVC points and make some money, click here. Hope you have a magical day!

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