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Now Is the Perfect Time to Rent Your DVC Points

August 4, 2022

Maybe you heard about renting points and considered doing it but haven’t yet pulled the trigger. Whether you prefer to rent out a confirmed reservation, claim a guest request, or put your points up for rent, there are a few reasons why now may be the perfect time to rent your DVC points!

High Demand for DVC Points

After remaining home for much of the pandemic, many families are finally ready to travel, so demand for DVC rentals is higher than ever.  In fact, the DVC Rental Store has multiple guest requests for DVC stays waiting to be filled.  This means you can claim these requests and rent out your DVC points quickly. The DVC Rental Store pays DVC members 75% of the rental fee upfront and the remaining 25% when the guest checks in, so you will be paid promptly.   

Increased Price Per Point for Members

The DVC Rental Store recently increased the member point payout. Members are now paid up to $18 per point for renting out their points.  This is the greatest amount currently offered by any DVC rental broker.

Excess DVC Points Available

Some DVC members were unable to travel during the pandemic, and now they have more points than they can use or even banked points that are about to expire.  If this sounds like you, renting points out makes sure that they don’t go to waste.  The sooner you put them up for rent, the more likely they will be matched with a guest before their expiration date.

2023 Disney Cruise Line Itineraries Have Been Released

Disney Dream Resumes Sailing

Disney Cruise Line has begun booking summer and fall 2023 itineraries for the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and the newest ship, the Disney Wish.  If you would like to book a trip with Disney Cruise Line for 2023, now is the time to rent out your points via the DVC Rental Store’s Cruise Swap Program.  

New Universal Studios Point Swap Program Available

Universal Orlando DVC Rental Store Swap Program

If you’ve been looking to change up your vacations, Universal Studios Orlando Resort may be the destination for you!  With three theme parks (Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay), there are plenty of attractions for the thrillseekers in your family.  Thanks to the DVC Rental Store’s newest Point Swap Program, you can put your DVC points towards a hotel and ticket package for Universal Studios Orlando!

Ready to turn your points into cash?  Contact the DVC Rental Store today to get started.

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