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NEW Member Point Payouts – Up To $18 Per Point

April 11, 2022

At DVC Rental Store, we are always looking to provide the best value to both our members and guests when it comes to renting Disney Vacation Club points.  As part of that effort, we are excited to share that as of Monday – April 11th, we’v updated our DVC Member payouts and now pay up to $18 per point for premium DVC resort reservations in the 7-11 month booking window!

*Initial payment of 75% of total payout is made at booking. The final 25% is made at check-in.

These payouts are by far the highest in the industry and represent a commitment that the DVC Rental Store has to its members.  It is also just one of many reasons why members should choose to rent their points with us:

We bring you more value than any other DVC point rental company!

Members who use the DVC Rental Store NOW receive up to $18.00 per rented point, depending on the resort and booking window.

The Most Money Up Front

After the reservation is booked, we’ll send you 75% of your payment upfront, and the latter 25% when the Guest checks in.

Don’t Sweat the Tough Stuff

Our team at DVC Rental Store is with you throughout the entire rental process guiding you every step of the way to make it easy to rent your points!

Ultimate Flexibility

We offer multiple different routes to rent your points that can accommodate your individual situation, lifestyle, and availability.

DIsney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Partnerships and Opportunities to Swap Points

You can use us to swap your DVC points for things like cruises, adventures, and more!

We’ll match your DVC points ASAP

Most of our renting Members secure a renter within a month, and many even exhaust their points within a week! With multiple routes of using your points, our Member Relations Team will work with you to ensure we get your points rented in the fastest and most valuable way for your unique situation.

We take the risk out of renting your DVC points

All of our rentals are secured using binding agreements and holding accounts. Your full payment is guaranteed as long as you abide by the Rental and Intermediary agreements and the guest makes their initial payment with us.

We offer more ways to receive your rental payment

We have multiple disbursement options to choose from including PayPal, company check, and ACH bank transfer.

If you have any questions or would like more assistance in understanding how to rent your Disney Vacation Club points, feel free to email us at membermanagement@dvcrentalstore.com or call 855-382-7368. We would love to help you best understand your Disney Vacation Club membership and how to maximize it to the fullest! 

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