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laundry locations at DVC Resorts

Laundry Locations at DVC Resorts

June 24, 2019

You may be wondering why we’re doing a blog on laundry locations at DVC resorts? Well, we noticed several guests asking about laundry locations in our Facebook group (DVC – Disney Vacation Club). We wanted to help you by creating a one-stop shop to let you know where you can do laundry at each resort…AND you can even check to see if there are washers and dryers available (before you walk to the laundry location)! This discovery blew my mind, and I’m sure lots of you will appreciate this tool as well!!

Laundry Detergent & other Laundry Items

Before we dive into each resort, let’s begin by covering laundry detergent questions among other items. The majority of laundry locations at DVC resorts have detergent available in vending machines for guests to buy. If you are staying at a DVC Deluxe Resort and are in a one bedroom villa (or more bedrooms), then you will have a washer/dryer unit in your villa! Disney will give you one packet of laundry detergent for your entire stay if you are staying in a DVC Deluxe Resort with a washer/dryer unit in your bedroom. Depending on your laundry needs, you may want to pack more detergent packs, or buy some while you are in WDW.

Each Resort’s Laundry Locations & Washer/Dryer Availability

To find laundry locations at each DVC resort, keep scrolling. First you will find your resort below, and you will be able to check the map for the laundry icon to get a general idea of the location compared to where you are located. Next, you can look right below your resort’s map, and click on the location you desire to use. LaundryView allows you to see what washers or dryers are running in real time! It will even tell you when the washer/dryer will be finished!

Laundry at DVC Resorts

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Laundry Locations
Disney's Washers & Dryers

Bay Lake Tower

Disney's Bay Lake Laundry Locations

Beach Club Villas

Disney's Beach Club Laundry Locations

Boardwalk Inn

Disney's Boardwalk Laundry Locations

Boulder Ridge & Copper Creek Villas (Wilderness Lodge)

Disney's Wilderness Lodge Laundry Locations

Grand Floridian

Disney's Grand Floridian Laundry Locations

Old Key West

The laundry areas at Old Key West are all by the pools!

Disney's Old Key West Laundry Locations
laundry locations at DVC Resorts
Old Key West – Millers Road Laundry


Disney's Polynesian Laundry Locations
laundry locations at DVC Resorts
(Guest Laundry at Polynesian Resort – by Lilo’s Playhouse)

Saratoga Springs

Disney's Saratoga Springs Laundry Locations

We hope this helps you find the laundry locations at your DVC resort! If you would like to find out how to have a washer and dryer unit in your bedroom by staying in a DVC villa, without being a DVC member, check out our other blog How to Try a DVC Resort! DVC Rental Store would love to help you ‘upgrade’ your next Disney vacation by letting you stay in a DVC villa for the price you would pay at a moderate Disney resort! Check room reservation availability now!

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