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Exploring Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa

August 19, 2022

I’ll be the first to admit that Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa is normally not at the top of my list of DVC resorts to stay at.  Themed after the Upstate New York city known for thoroughbred racing, Saratoga Springs is not the closest resort to a theme park, and it always seems too large to navigate without a rental car.  However, there are several reasons why you should give the resort a try!

Newly Renovated Rooms

Interior of Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort 1-Bedroom VIlla.
Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

One of the biggest reasons to try Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort now is the refurbished rooms.  The resort underwent a full renovation that concluded in 2021.  The villas now have a light, neutral-colored palette with subtle nods to the resort’s equestrian theming.  With the renovation, the villas also have the popular Murphy beds that pull down from the wall in place of the old sofa couches.  The renovations look beautiful, and the rooms just seem so much brighter than before. 

Easy Access to Disney Springs

Although Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort is not close to any park, it is the closest resort to Disney Springs, which of course means tons of great dining and shopping nearby.  To reach Disney Springs, you can take a boat or walk.  You can catch the boat from Carriage House (the resort’s main lobby building) or by the Treehouse Villas, and it will take you to the Marketplace Dock.  

If you prefer to walk, the Marketplace Bridge to Disney Springs is closest to Congress Park, which is one of the sections of the resort that has the Preferred Villas.  If your idea of rope dropping involves joining the Gideon’s queue for some cookies and a cold brew as soon as Disney Springs opens, or you enjoy the nightlife and live entertainment at Disney Springs, Saratoga Springs can be an ideal location for you.  

Quiet Atmosphere

Some people love to be near all the action of the parks, but others enjoy being able to unwind in a quieter resort at the end of a long park day.  If that is you, the peace and quiet of Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort may be for you.  

Great Availability

As the largest resort among the DVC resorts, Saratoga Springs offers the most availability, which makes it easiest to book most of the time.  If you are booking a trip during a popular time of the year, choosing Saratoga Springs can make it much more likely that you will find the accommodation and dates that you want.  

Unique Accommodations

Saratoga Springs Resort Treehouse Villa
Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort has one type of accommodation that no other DVC resort has: Treehouse Villas!  For a few more points per night than a Preferred Two Bedroom Villa, the Treehouse Villas have three bedrooms, a full kitchen, living room, washer/dryer, and sleep up to 9 guests.  They are perfect for barbecues since they each have their own large deck and grill.  Since each Treehouse is a separate building, you get plenty of privacy.  

Interested in renting points for a stay at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & SpaContact the DVC Rental Store to get started!

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