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Disney World Weather Tips & Tricks

February 25, 2020

Disney World weather can change in a couple of moments. If you are like me, you typically think of Florida and you think sunshine. This is true most of the time. However, it’s also pretty normal to have a sudden rain shower or storm hit the most magical place on earth. Today, we are sharing a few of our top tricks for how to prepare for Disney World Weather. 

Disney World Weather

Spring & Summer Disney World Weather

Spring and Summer weather at Disney World is typically warm/hot, and the humidity is exceptionally higher than most parts of the country. As the sun is out in full force, you will always want to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wet rag (Frogg Togg Chilly Sport Cooling Neck Gaiter works great). Clothing that is dry wicking or “breathable” is the best option, and we often pack an extra set of clothes in our backpack. This is so that if we are drenched in sweat (or rides that get us wet), we can easily change into a fresh pair of clothes. Chacos or comfortable/supportive/broke-in flip flops are great to wear instead of tennis shoes thanks to the heat (and rides that have water). 

We always pack ponchos, thanks to those short rain showers that blow through almost daily. If you are visiting in May or June especially (and also if you are staying in a resort that has a lot of nature around it…aka Wilderness Lodge), you will also want to pack bug spray. Other optional yet helpful accessories include a small neck fan, a portable umbrella, or a USB port fan that plugs into a phone.

List of What to Bring in the Spring or Summer:

  1. Poncho (cute Mickey poncho here)
  2. Sunscreen lotion
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Several sets of clothes (get drenched in sweat…or riding rides that are wet
  5. Wet rag (Frogg Togg Chilly Sport Cooling Neck Gaiter works great)
  6. Dry wicking shorts/shirts/clothes
  7. Chacos or comfy flip flops instead of tennis shoes because of wet rides. 
  8. Bug spray
  9. USB port fan that goes into phone (optional)
  10. Sleeveless shirts/dresses
  11. Portable umbrella that fits in a backpack (optional – I like my poncho)
  12. Small neck fan (optional)

Fall & Winter Disney World Weather

Disney World weather in the Fall and Winter can be really finicky. The one thing you can guarantee is that you will need a poncho. One fall break our family was attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at night. Towards the end of the party, the rain started pounding down and didn’t let up. Those ponchos came in super handy. We also pack several layers of clothing so we are ready for warm or cooler weather and can easily remove or add a layer.

Some of you may remember marathon weekend in 2016. The Saturday race was canceled because of a thunderstorm. We thought the full marathon on Sunday would also get canceled because temperatures were in the 30’s and super cold! It was not canceled. It’s January in Florida, and many were wearing gloves and hats because it was freezing. However, not everyone is affected by the cold weather. I’ve been at Disney, wearing my large winter coat (see below), and witnessed children swimming in the heated pools. Brave souls. Count me out.

Disney World Weather

List of What To Bring in Fall & Winter:

  1. Poncho – also to be used on rides like Splash Mountain…you will need those ponchos year round.
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Sunscreen lotion (don’t be fooled by the word winter…you still want this)
  4. Portable umbrella (optional)
  5. Comfortable/Supportive walking shoes (I prefer tennis shoes)
  6. Dress in layers. A running jacket or a quarter zip jacket, etc. are really handy because you can take it off and put it around your waist. 

Disney World Weather Tips

Here are some of our best weather tips year round:

  1. Get weather alerts put on your phone so you get a notification when a storm is springing up. You usually have about 15 minutes to figure out which show you want to head to so you are indoors for the rain shower. When you use weather alerts, you will also be ahead of the crowds that flock to the indoor rides/shows as soon as the rain starts.
  2. Take a small handbag or backpack – and always have a poncho in it, whether it is winter or summer.
  3. Pack multiple sets of clothes in the summer, and wear layers in the winter.
  4. Cooling head/neck bands, as well as neck fans can be bought at Disney World, but you can also bring your own.
  5. Cold water is FREE at any place – ask for a cup (not a bottle) of cold water. 

We hope you find this list of weather tips helpful! For other tips on planning your next vacation, be sure to read How to Make Your 2020 Disney Vacation Easy. Or check out How To Choose the Optimal 2020 Disney Dining Plan for Your FamilyHow To Maximize FastPass+ is also helpful. Wishing you a magical day!

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