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14 Must See Events or Exhibits During Christmas at Disney World

December 12, 2019

There is so much to do at Disney World during Christmas! We’ve compiled a list of 14 must-see things at Disney theme parks and Disney resorts! Whether you get to visit all of these or not, we hope this helps you plan your Christmas vacation to Disney!

Main Street & Castle

If you do nothing else, you must at least see Main Street and the castle! The castle is always beautiful, but it’s absolutely gorgeous at Christmastime when it sparkles and shimmers with ice! Main Street gets extra magical with all the Christmas decorations up and the snow falling! This is the number one “must see” during Christmas at Disney World!

Snow on Main Street!!

Grand Floridian

The Grand Floridian is always beautiful too, but during the Holidays, everything comes alive! Cast members set up a gingerbread house in the middle of the lobby and it is epic! There is even smoke that comes out of the chimney sometimes!

The famous gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian

You can buy sweet treats out of the house! They even hold a gingerbread house decorating show/class in front of the house! 

The Grand Floridian also has pretty Christmas trees around the resort and one giant tree in the middle. This is by far the best decorated Christmas Disney Resort! And well worth some of your time for a lovely visit!!


Another gingerbread treat for the eyes can be found at the Boardwalk Inn! This gingerbread boardwalk is a close second to the gingerbread house in Grand Floridian. The attention to detail in this Boardwalk replica is phenomenal! I always love miniatures, but this is a gingerbread miniature! It looks exactly like the Boardwalk just outside!! And it is complete with hidden Mickeys!! 

Beach Club

The Beach Club also hosts a gingerbread phenomenon in the gingerbread carousel. It is incredibly sweet with the theme of Peter Pan! Even Captain Hook makes an appearance! The attention to detail is insane! If you look at the picture below alone, you can see Captain Hook’s hook…holding tinkerbell in the glass jar! And the map and hat…just magical! This carousel also smells wonderfully delicious! And like the gingerbread Boardwalk, there are also hidden Mickeys in this work of art!

Christmas at Disney World
Can you find Tink?

Contemporary (By Bay Lake Tower)

The Contemporary is home to a gingerbread castle on the 4th floor (by Chef Mickey’s). The castle is beautiful, but it isn’t 3D like other gingerbread pieces of art! However, they are selling gingerbread goodies and sweet treats, and it is worth visiting!

Christmas at Disney World

Wilderness Lodge Christmas Tree

The Wilderness Lodge Christmas Tree made it into our must-see list because this is one giant tree! It is absolutely huge and fills the large Wilderness Lodge lobby. As an added bonus, there is also a gingerbread lodge on site 🙂 

A Frozen Holiday Wish

There’s nothing quite so special as watching Queen Elsa light the castle! It’s spectacular! This is a show you can take in around 6:15pm every night at Magic Kingdom. On regular evenings, you can see it again at 7:30pm. During the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party events, you can see this at 8:15pm! Olaf, Anna, & Kristoff bring join Elsa and bring lots of fun to the show! This is another definite “must-see”

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Some people would disagree and say this isn’t a must-see. I say, if you are already at Disney enjoying all the Holiday festivities, then Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is something you don’t want to miss! It was the pinnacle of our trip!! The parade and fireworks show were exceptional…and you can’t forget the free snacks! For more information on MVMCP, read our 7 Tips & Tricks for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

Christmas at Disney World

Candlelight Processional at Epcot

The Candlelight Processional at Epcot is certainly one of the more refined Holiday events during Christmas at Disney World! The story of Jesus, the Savior of the World, being born in Bethlehem is narrated by well known celebrities. Throughout the narration, the orchestra and choirs sing Christmas songs and the crowd can join in! There are 3 shows to choose from each evening!

Christmas at Disney World
Ming-Na Wen narrating the Biblical account of the Savior’s birth.

International Festival of Holidays at Epcot

Epcot’s International Festival of Holidays starts later in the season (very end of November), but it is another enjoyable festival complete with yummy yuletide beverages and small plates! They even host the Holiday Cookie Stroll where you can collect 5 different cookies from the Holiday Cookie Stroll locations listed, get a matching stamp for each cookie, and they will give you the 6th cookie and a glass of milk free!

Christmas at Disney World
Caramel stuffed salted pretzel with ice cream ….delicious!!

Living With The Land

The Living With The Land ride made it into our must-see list because it turns into a gorgeous ride at night! Cast members have decorated the greenhouse, fish tanks, and other areas with Christmas lights and even a few snowmen! Make sure to take this ride after sunset. Although it is beautiful before sunset, the magic happens after sunset!! 

Christmas at Disney World
The lights on Living With The Land

Hollywood Studios Sunset Seasons Greetings

The Sunset Seasons Greetings show at Hollywood Studios is a cute show that loops over and over after sunset! It is simple yet magical, and you can enjoy the show while you walk down the boulevard. This is a must-see because it is super cute and features Toy Story characters, the Muppets, and even the Tower of Terror being transformed into a gingerbread Tower of Terror. 

Jingle Bell Jingle Bam

Jingle Bell Jingle Bam is another show that Hollywood Studios hosts each night, and it starts at 9pm. Although the Sunset Seasons Greetings show is probably cuter, this show has all the action! Join the adventure and help rescue Santa! 

Christmas at Disney World
Jingle Bell Jingle Bam!!

Disney Springs Tree Trail

If you have the privilege to enjoy Christmas at Disney World, you don’t want to miss the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail! You can take your time and stroll through this exhibit, or you can make this a short stop as you explore Disney Springs! Either way, it’s worth a visit and you even have the chance to meet Santa! There are 22 themed Christmas trees. The tree-toppers were my favorite detail to look at on each tree! For more information, read our blog on Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail.

Christmas at Disney World
Ariel’s tree at Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail!

We hope this list helps you plan for your vacation during Christmas at Disney World! For other travel tips, check out be sure to check out How To Choose the Optimal 2020 Disney Dining Plan for Your Family, and How To Maximize FastPass+.

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